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Thursday, 13 April 2017


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Now the die dick has been truly cast (aside).

Mr. Jenner no longer has "Mr Johnson and the twins" to drag around. Might as well claim to be a woman. I wonder if the women here will chime in on this one?

Lorena Bobbitt, if asked, might have bobbed it for no charge.

"just because you lop off your doesn't make you a woman"
(Germaine Greer)

Let's hope this bloke doesn't recover his sanity and realise what he has done. It would be kinder if he remained mentally ill until he died.

Ah, Lorena Bobbitt, man-eating teeth in every orifice!

Not a woman, merely a penile amputee. Horrifying! "Anything you can do, I can do better!" (From Annie Get Your Gun) We're all just the same on the inside, except when someone realizes that s/he is not the same. Why don't we change that 'm' to an 'n'? (Not same to not sane) It's called body dysmorphia. There are people who claim to believe that they are really cats, on the inside. Thank God I did not have to cough up for his amputation, nor for the "cat's" uh, fixing.

I'll uncross my legs when I'm feeling calmer.

In for a penny, in for a pound.


As I read your comment, I realized that my legs were crossed!


Circumcision was bad enough!

Call me politically incorrect, but the word 'Woman' is a corruption of the words 'womb' and 'man.' To be a woman, you need all of the following: a womb, ovaries, breasts, plus a vagina.

I realise that people like Bruce Jenner should be treated with full compassion and humanity, but at the end of the day, what is, is and what isn't isn't. Can a man be turned into a woman by having certain bits cut off, hormone treatment, plus silicone add-ons? Old fashioned and blinkered as I admittedly am, I still have my doubts...

Woman here chiming in...
As far as I am concerned, this Jenner being is a man and always will be no matter how he mutilates his God-given body. The DNA is definitive.
Oh how I feel sorry for these deluded souls.

Missred, well said!

Well. Though I had to wait five days David, at least you've seen to it I finally received my fix of Monday Funnies.

I suppose ...

If he changes his mind he can always have a strapadickontome.

Unfortunately, Richard, you are dismissing any woman unlucky to have had severe cancer (although I think they might still possess a vagina). Another forum holds that any woman unable to produce children or have the monthlies should not be counted as a woman (which upset the older generation women). Anyway, you may be interested in the plight of Dr Jordan Petersen, a man of such terrifying intellect it is a shame he has to spend his time arguing against stupidity. A law is proposed where it will be illegal to refer to anyone other than using their preferred pronouns. There are now 31 recognised pronouns, including xir, xim and xem and there are 'decades' of research into the outdated notion that there are two genders.....or two sexes....I've lost hope....the premise is that it is a hate crime to call someone a him if they have requested to be called a her. However, the law as stated says (paraphrasing) although it is not a crime, you can still be prosecuted to the tune of a six figure sum if the victim claims that you have committed a crime. Dr Petersen has said he will not submit. He will not pay the fine. He will go on hunger strike if he is sent to jail. His argument is (letting aside all the chilling notions that biological science will henceforth proceed under the delusion that two sexes do not exist, and the fact that you can be prosecuted whilst being completely innocent if someone else decides you should be) that free speech, no matter how repellent it may become, is the only safe matter to resolve extreme issues. If we hand our use of language to the government, we may as well go back to slavery or descend into anarchy.

It is all food for thought. BTW, there are actually 15 million sexes now - there is a youtube video which successfully proves this, and is also extremely funny. I can't remember who did it and I can't find it now, but you can be gender-(a colour on the spectrum).

I have a great deal of sympathy for true transgenders who feel this way and just get on with it. Bruce Jenner is actually quite a beautiful woman and Theryn Meyer also has brains as well as beauty. But there are some people who just. Go. Too. Far....

I suppose it could be mere coincidence ...

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