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Tuesday, 11 April 2017


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Well it ain't your man flu, but some how I got it in your absence. It has been many years since I've been this sick.

I do not know how I will survive with the funnies.....
However I am still better off than you! I hope you have fully recovered.

"with" or "without"?

Whatever you do, Whiters, do NOT 'man-up'! Indulge the wimp within you and wring every drop of pity you can in order to ensure a steady supply of cups of tea (or in your case coffee) delivered to your bedside!

Thank you, dear Miss Red, I am much better today but pretending to only partial recovery for the same reason as my advice to Whiters above!

well TBH, I guess it could go either way. However I did mean without.

Pay no attention to Henry, Miss Red, he is our resident pedagogue!

David, Miss Red, and JK,

People like me, who have a scientific background, tend to have a knack for spotting errors in logic and, in my case, a compulsion to report them when spotted. From the time I was in grammar school, it has been second nature for me. I kinda drove some of my teachers crazy.

But I mean no harm by it.

Actually, Henry, this blog could do with a good dose of logic and exactitude, er, starting with the blog owner!

And here I thought the lure of this blog was its loose association with logic!

Pedagogue...don't you go to prison for that?

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