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Tuesday, 11 April 2017


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Her thinking of the matter as something that, "Strictly speaking, was not our doing," is now a grave faux pas for a politician, getting too precise. The portrait of the past must, always and everywhere, be painted in very broad brush stroke and primary colors, never in shades.

If I recall the story correctly, there was an order to round up all the Jews in Paris. The NAZI and their symps only got about half, because very ordinary French people hid their Jewish friends and neighbors, on the spur of the moment, with little time to prepare. The ten Boom family, quite heroically, hid hundreds of Jews and others, but most of them came through that watch shop after Dutch architects came in by night and built a false wall in Corrie's bedroom, even painting a leak stain "dripping down from the ceiling".

For people to make hiding places with no prep time, and no thought other than the deeply ingrained practice of kindness to people outside ones own family, all of that needed no time to contemplate, simply a few minutes to act. She was impolitic, but correct.

As always, Michael, with people (dread word!) there are always the 'good, the bad and the ugly'!

Chag Sameach TBH


I believe Michael is right.

It has been a long time since I saw the statistics, but in France as a total the percentage of the Jewish population that went to concentration camps was less than half for Germany and much less than east Europe. In the areas not under direct Nazi occupation the percentage was much less. -- Described as just enough to keep the Gendarmie out of the concentration camps.

While there was anti-Semitism though out Europe it was the Nazi ideology that created the holocaust and it is ahistorical to put primary blame elsewhere.

Chag Sameach, AD.

I was once asked by an acquaintance of mine why Passover is always celebrated around the time of Easter -- yeeeeeeeees, quite! Are there many Christians out there who do not realize that the Last Supper was very likely a Passover Seder?

Happy Easter all y'all.


There are actually rabbis who get thoroughly irate at that thought. It's described that way in the Gospels. I am reasonably sure that the overwhelming majority of Christians know that it was Pesach. In some forms of the Mass, the fraction anthem is "Christ our Passover is sacrificed for us."

And "all y'all" is redundant. We have discussed this before. Ahem!


I am aware of the rabbinical (I presume orthodox) controversy, which is why I asserted that it was "very likely", not a certainty. The orthodox rabbis argue about everything -- it's their Talmudic tradition to do so.

As for "all y'all", I remember our "discussion" about it. I am essentially a New Yorker, having spent my first 35 years there after immigrating to the United States. I have subsequently lived in four other states: New Mexico, Florida, North Carolina, and California.

In North Carolina they say "y'all" when addressing one person, and "all y'all" when addressing more than one. I believe Robert Whitewall would support me on that.

What say you, WW?

Henry, I remember you and Michael having this discussion and it is fraught with peril! Both of you have plenty of "correct" going for you from where I currently sit...well actually am flat on my back.

If I address my youngest brother after fishing all day and say "you ought to come over to my house tonight", I might mean just him. But owing to the fact that I really should mention- but don't- that he can bring along his snaggle tooth wife...I can say y'all to him alone. That covers an implied y'all spoken to one person. "All y'all" is an expansive of this and can, usually on payday for those poor old sots who seem to have work, when the host is feeling quite generous. My brother might mean that I and my wife as well as all the rest of the low life's we were fishing with and maybe their wives too. The rest of the group may or may not be present at the moment, but if he calls them and they want to come...then come ahead on! And bring your wives too. Hope that helps!


Archaic English
Second person singular THOU
Second person plural YOU

Standard modern English
Second person singular YOU
Second person plural YOU

Southern US English dialect
Second person singular YOU
Second person plural Y'ALL

Know where you are at and if standard or dialect is called for.

Well, since I am not really a southerner, I will only use "all y'all" if I want to make it clear that I mean "all of you", not just "you alone". If that is taken as being redundant, I'll accept the shaming.

If that is unacceptable, y'all (or all y'all) can sue me :)

Not sue, Bubba, just shame. Heh!

I do wish you Americans would learn English!


The people who know about such thing think that southern American English is the closest the pure English of the Great Bard.

Yes, I know that, Hank, which is why, I assume, he is equally incomprehensible at times!

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