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Wednesday, 19 April 2017


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David, if the pension thing goes wrong, you and the Memsahib can move in with SoD?

Duffers do you not draw a service pension related to your service in the Paras and indexed to the "cost of living index"?

Don't worry, Whiters, I keep reminding SoD that I am determined to be a burden!

Alas, AussieD, I was only in the army for 9 years and my guess is that the pension for that would have been about 3p a year!

Ms. May just might have reasons beyond the obvious:

"As the writer Robert Harris and the broadcaster James O’Brien suggested, it might also be in May’s own self-interest, and that of her party, to ask the nation for a five-year term now, before the costs of Brexit become apparent."

Possibly, Bob, although so far, despite all the Cassandras, the UK economy is steaming along rather well. Also, given the fervid state of European politics with France possibly facing a choice between an extreme socialist and an extreme nationalist, Frau Merkel facing an election with her country overrun with Muslim immigrants and Italy moving ever closer to bankruptcy then in two years time there might not be an EU for us to Brexit from!

By June 8th there will be a new French government. It will take a couple of months to sort itself out and by then it will the French summer holidays. When they get back in early September they'll all be busy working out where their offices are and then it will be the German elections. So Brexit negotiations will not start till after Christmas. By which time the Poles will have closed their western border to stop the Germans shipping them some Africans and the Turks will be pushing migrants into Greece. By the way, Harris and O'Brien are left wingers who are unlikely to say "Well done, Mrs May:.

backofanenvelope, The Intercept is an offbeat outlet, but the point seems logical.


David, on the larger picture the neocon strategist Robert Kagan, adviser to both Republicans and Democrats, sees trouble ahead:

Probably the liberal world order is only in trouble insofar as it's a neoliberal world order. In any case it's not encouraging to have a nincompoop like Trump representing our effort to sort it all out.


"[O]n the larger picture the neocon strategist Robert Kagan, adviser to both Republicans and Democrats ..."

You do mean the ISW's Robert Kagen don't you?

"Experts." Sheesh ...

Oops. Wrong Kagen however ...

"His brother, Fred, is a military scholar who helped conceive the American troop increase in Iraq in 2007. His wife and unofficial editor, Victoria Nuland, is an assistant secretary of state and one of the country’s toughest and most experienced diplomats, whose fervor for building democracy in Ukraine recently leaked out in an embarrassing audio clip."

Apologies apologies mumble mumble ...


Kagan thought invading Iraq would be a great idea, so anything he writes should be taken with a grain of salt. "Kagan left the Republican Party in 2016 due to what he described as Donald Trump's fascism ...". ( ) Maybe he runs hot all the time.

Brenda for PM.

An especial David, I figure it'll be in safe hands over there ...

I wish we had 'y'alls Anna' over here.

But no mention of Barney Magroo, Purveyor of Fine Wines to the Gentry!

Not for the first time, JK, it's obvious that you do things differently 'over there'!

I'm sure you've seen Toby Young's article at the Speccie:

It made me smile anyway.

A 'corker', WF!

"...the ludicrous spending of '£zilions' propping up sundry dictators round the world...will be ended."

Well, she had you fooled there, didn't she David!

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