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Monday, 03 April 2017


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"DO YOU WANT THE BRIDAL?" Bareback or saddle?

A fine selection from you joke cellar, Duffers. Some extremely rare vintages there!


Damn you, Autocorrect!!

Don't worry, Timbo, the collection of illiterates whose lips move as they read and who make up most of the readership of this blog will not notice a thing!

Nah David, that'd not be an "Arkansas" cowboy's style at'all.

You perhaps aware we're nationally known as "The Razorbacks"?

Had it actually been an Arkansas cowboy asked, "Do you want the bridal?" he'd simply replied, "Nope. I'll just razorback and fuck'er."


"Bareback or saddle?"
On a razorback, that would be a saddle. Fer shur.

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