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Friday, 19 May 2017


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Sounds familiar. Look for certain pols to rush to the cameras to reassure voters that "healthcare is a right"!

Good luck with that.

A royal commission is the only possible way forward because no politician who values his career dare state the truth that the current model is sickeningly inefficient.

Single payer ok, but until the providers are privatised and can innovate to compete we will never see any improvement.

No nurse or doctor should be employed by the government except those in the armed forces.

Also a free and frank public debate about which conditions can be covered to what extent is long overdue.

Still Brexit has to be achieved before we risk overturning the apple cart by touching the famous third rail to mangle a couple of traditional metaphors.

The irrationality beggars belief. Lefties will assure you in all sincerity that the Tories have a cunning plan to drive the NHS into the ground so that they can flog it off to their wealthy cronies. Where does one start? That is not so much Machiavelli as Baldrick. Chances of a sensible debate on the NHS are slim to zero, I reckon. Yes, a Royal Commission is perhaps the only hope.

The real purpose of the NHS is not to cure patients, but to make ourselves feel good because it's ours. It's a British icon, a bit like the Royal yacht, or the Beatles. That's going to be the real challenge for May. Whatever she does to reform it, she'll be accused of being unpatriotic.

You could do worse:

Forget blaming Obama. Rankings have been similar for over a dozen years, as were those by the World Health Organization in 2000 and the Legatum Institute of London this year.

These "assessments" appear with considerable regularity. They compare apples and oranges, and garble medical information, and always, always, deduct points for anything privately financed. These semi-literate "journalists" writing about things of which they know not, are some of the same dolts who tell us about people dying, right now, for lack of healthcare, eight years after the beginning of Obamacare. Why? How are they not being treated? How were they not treated before O'care? As a nurse for a quarter of a century and other health care related jobs before that, I certainly knew about Medicaid, and MD Anderson, et al. I am always suspicious of any good cause that needs so many lies to sell it.

There you go again Gaffer, think you know how to run a monopoly health service collectivist style.

Blaming demanding customers instead of politics, the ultimate excuse of the bureaucrat and jobsworth of a pol licensed monopoly.

And what about my mate G's wife? Cancer of the liver, turns up for an operation and the surgeon says he's doing B rather than what the consultant said was prescribed A. Terrified that she was about to be the victim of a mistake, at her weakest point she reluctantly acquiesces, especially having had her operation cancelled twice already.

On returning to the consultant G. and wife protest "We have a problem, why did we have operation B instead of A that you advised?"

The consultant stood up, pointed his finger at them "No, you are the problem!" he raged, "You are the problem because you won't pay more!"

At the time I relayed that story to you a few months back you said "If I'd been G. I would have punched him". Yet the consultant was saying *exactly what you just said above*! Whaddaya gonna do, punch yourself in the face?

Honestly, if you could have heard what you're saying today 30 years ago there'd have been a fist fight.

So that's self-punched in the face twice and it isn't even breakfast.


As for the rest of you, your Libertarian sentiment is right - privatize the NHS and give each citizen their £2000 per annum to go buy their healthcare from the global market in healthcare - but ...

It won't happen, because it can't happen. You are a minority in your views. The majority of Brits want more NHS-like control, not just in healthcare, but other industries, many of which escaped the death grip of the state under Thatcher shortly to be returned to torture and stasis.

Like the plonkers you are you just shunned the only power that was on your side to prevent that happening - the EU and the pro-competitive rules of the single market.

Welcome to the new dark age, of your own making.


Heavy night, last night, was it, SoD?

I can remember nights like that. Nothing like sitting on the throne next morning as the world falls out of your bottom.

SoD give us the literary version. :)

Michael F Adams gave us a beautiful pithy phrase, "I am always suspicious of any good cause that needs so many lies to sell it."

Brexit's Project Fear?

Climate Change??

Okay David, the wedding is over. It's safe to come out.

Michael F Adams & Timbo, economists and social researchers all over the world are part of a conspiracy to lie about health care systems? Please describe their motives.

Government run health care systems do not increase or improve health care. They increase government control, and the Leftists of the world know it right well. Think of the caterwauling every time anyone tries to reform American Social Security, to be more like British Old Age Pension, as a matter of fact. "They're trying to take away your free Social Security!!!!" The point of all these government eleemosynary endeavors is to curry favor with the less informed. I never forget that "useful idiot" was a term coined by the head Leftist himself, VI Lenin, to describe leftward leaning people in the west. D.Duff did not originate the phrase "bribe us with our own money." However, he has used it to good effect.

When health care needs more money. as the "public" schools always need more money, the mean spirited Republicans can be blamed for the continuing problems, that could be solved, with just a little more cash. It is not about health. It is about control.

Governments do not innovate, mostly a good thing. The partly free health care market in the USA produces the majority of the new drugs and procedures in the world. They test new drugs in Britain because the doctors and nurses and lab technicians work cheaper. It is deadly embarrassing to have to say th is, but it is true.

I saw a young person's comment on some Facebook thread, that the Republicans had looted the VA health system, somehow, some way, during the eight years that the guy writing the budgets was a Democrat, and the Democrats controlled part of the Congress. The kid had heard it so often that he assumed it must be true, in spite of all evidence to the contrary.Converting health care from a product that I and a couple of million others produce by our labor into government largess further imbalances power and devastates health care.


"The point of all these government eleemosynary endeavors is to curry favor with the less informed."
Precisely! And the master of such endeavors was, of course, the commander-from-behind his wife's fat behind. Recall the clownish "0bamaphone lady" extolling the giveaway greatness of the Kenyan Lenin.

I have heard that Ms. Obamapohone actually went Republican, eventually. Interesting, if true, but not interesting enough to make me want to research it.

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