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Tuesday, 16 May 2017


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In my Grandparent's home during those times and after, PM Churchill was always referred to as Mr. Churchill.

My Dad was fond of telling me that his own contributions were far from inconsiderable, even though he had a nice safe job driving lorries for the RAF.


How the hell did we ever win the war?

Well partly: Their leadership was almost as good as ours.

Mr. Churchill dominated the British Government as much as Hitler dominated the Germans. However Mr. Churchill, whatever his faults, had more on the ball than Hitler,

Hank is right. Mr. Churchill understood that having the Russian Armies on Germany's Eastern Front was essential. Hitler, obviously, did not, despite what happened to the arrogant Napoleon.

BigHen hits the nail on the head.

The USA and USSR won WWII, through strategy and might. Churchill just happened to be in the right place at the right time to join the victory parade. If his smorgasbord of crackpot schemes had been followed through we would have lost. It was only FDR and Stalin's pressure on the correct strategy that kept him on the straight and narrow, and FDR's death that gave him the chance to cover his errant tracks and claim the glory by writing those WWII "history" books ...

The rot in Brit pol class quality wasn't 1945-75, as I've previously pointed out, but actually 1939-75. Now resuscitated and set to continue 2016+ by you-know-what.

Happy Birthday Gaffer! And now I know what to get you for your birthday, the book in that DM article (and after you've finished it you can give it me!).


One tiny(!) factor, SoD, that you seem to have overlooked is the two years during which Britain, under Churchill's leadership, stood alone and determined enough to resist an invasion that Hitler finally realised was impossible, thus freeing him to indulge his stupidity by invading Russia. Had we surrendered, America would have lost the biggest static aircraft carrier and troop assembly point available just off the continent. Launching D-day from Newark might have proved a tad tricky!

"Similarly, his utter belief in the power of the bomber to win the war skewed air force strategy and resulted in gigantic losses for the merchant marine as well as the navy itself."

"The bomber will always get through", was the mantra unceasingly proclaimed by the RAF since WW1.
Churchill is regularly condemned for ignoring his military advisers, is he now guilty for believing them?

BobH, sorry but it's a hard old world and if you take a decision then you stand or fall by it. Churchill was always and forever a believer in gung-ho aggression which is why he swallowed 'Bomber' Harris's rubbish to the effect that Bomber Command could win the war.

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