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Tuesday, 09 May 2017


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Wish I could.
As far as I can recall her only act as home secretary was to launch a hunt for the 100,000 slaves working in mail bars- none were actually found.
And if she wants to bring energy prices down then she should get rid of the green levy and stop subsidising "green energy". Hell if she must do something to keep it cold introduce a carbon tax- at least that'll generate some revenue instead of costing money.
She listens too much to civil servants!

David, it sounds like she has fired up some triple A for people to watch while something big is worked out elsewhere.

JK, interesting she mentions choice while dealing with cancer and its attendant problems. I found blogs and participating on them a God send in the winter of 2009 when I had cancer surgery and its months of recovery.

Thanks for the link to AR. Never thought I would see this wonderwoman again.

JK, you are a star! Not just the Chief Archivist of D&N but of the entire!

Switch your bills to whom, David? You know perfectly well that as soon as one puts the price up, the other five will follow. Any companies in the background are great at getting you on board and then conveniently forgetting about you when you are there. I looked at several options and all of the were WAAAYYYYY cheaper but the reviews for their customer service is appalling. If it's like Virgin, assistance is by a forum into which any complete idiot can offer their opinion on the issue, and are of no help whatsoever.

BTW, what do you think of "Adults in the room"? The Grauniad gives it a thumbs up, which should be the finger point of doom for it, but I wondered if you had read it?

But she's British, so it's all alright then.


Price controls are an exceeding stupid thing to think about let alone implement. Ask any Venezuelan. T May however strikes me as being stupid and at the same time clever. A paradox only explained by her ability to cleverly hide the fact that she is stupid. A trait she shares with mad Merkel.

She has somehow acquired the ability to never actually do or achieve anything constructive and says inane things that fools the bulk of the populace into believing she has done the opposite. She has achieved this because she has been lucky and out of total ignorance of social and economic theory has left leaning sympathies and so from time to time blurts out popular lefty rhetoric. Is also able to manipulate those around her to take the blame for her failures and rob them of the praise they receive when they have successes.

A perfect example is Brexit. On the face of it as Duffers has pointed out and in which I agree she appears not to have put a foot wrong. I suspect though that the reason it is going so well so far is not down to her but her three Brexit Minsters; Liam, David and Boris and of course for which she is taking all the credit.

Dear Miss Mayfly, no, I haven't read the book but I have read some summaries. It confirms my worst fears of the German racket known as the EU.

Re foxhunting. I have heard tell that many rural Tories have been stuffing Conservative party envelopes for some years without feeling anything being offered in return. She wants them stuffing envelopes again.
Re energy prices, the government has been pushing these up since the Climate Change Act with the purported purpose of making sure that it stays cold.
The public are starting to notice the effect and are not entirely happy. So let's see if we can push the blame onto energy companies, it wouldn't do for Politicians to take responsibility.

Here's Blighty's future ...

... As I've been saying all along: On its own, Britain is a collectivist, authoritarian, culture and constitution, from the pols to the country-bumpkins and everyone in between. Everyone thinks they know how to do everything and wants to run everyone else's lives. That's what "take back control" actually means. The only restraint on this tyrannical mentality in the last 44 years has been the EU and the single market, that curtailed the pols from whipping up the country-bumpkins in a frenzy of price capping and nationalization.

Now that restraint is gone, welcome to the new dark age of your own making.

But it's all ok, because the tyrants are British.


Baby steps to oblivion ...

... soon to be leaps and bounds.

Blighty : The only place in the world that has its currency devalue by 15% and has its trade deficit INCREASE.

So much for the Brexiteer "Exports lead British economy" thriving on a lower pound.

But the Brit pols have "taken back control", so that's alright then.


And now even this daft cow, queen of journo-country-bumpkins, has finally woken up to what she voted for last June ...

No mention of her darling May's price capping, tax increasing, industrial strategy, plans for everyone manifesto - the Corbyn-lite, "What-Heath-was-to-Wilson,-May-is-to-Corbyn" manifesto - yet.

Sooner or later, she, like the rest of you, will be begging to re-join the EU when the IMF come calling.


Have a care, SoD, you are talking of the woman I love and who may, when she has considered it, accept my offer to bear my babies! (Er, don't tell your mother!)

Oh, and also, please try to avoid quoting 'The Graun', it's rubbish!

Ein Haus des Englanders is seine Burg ...


FT good enough for you? ...

Recovery and resilience; going from strength to strength. But not for you, because they're "not British".


So, a *German* expert in *commercial* properties says that German property is on the up. Why am I not surprised and, more to the point, do I give a flying fig? Er, 'nein', is the answer.

The Editor of the FT: "In 2016, he was made a Chevalier (knight) in the French Ordre National de la Légion d’Honneur for his "contribution to high-quality journalism, and the Financial Times' positive role in the European debate".[4] Please note "the Financial Times' positive role in the European debate", so no, I wouldn't wrap my fish and chips in the FT!

Now get on with your work!

Well this cheered me up ...

... Until the simple mathematical error became apparent.

Even with a stable population, for every 1.5 million oldsters pushing up the daisies, there'll be another 1.5 million ex- middle-youthers to take their place in the grumpy, country-bumpkin, neo-fascist ranks, plus the 2.5 million youf getting the vote will displace 2.5 million at the older end of youf entering the oldster ranks, for a grand total of 4 million wrinklies to replace the 1.5 mill toes up; net 2.5 mill = 2.5 mill increase in youf.

But we actually know the population is ageing, so the next vote will have more ancient c-b, n-f crocks per youf than today.

However, the NHS and social services will swing it back big time. Starved of cash in post-Brexit Blighty, with inflationary costs out of control, striking doctors, nurses, and "carers" (those that haven't scarpered back to the EU), and hacked to pieces by malware and ransomware, they'll thin the oldsters ranks out good 'n' proper. In historical context they'll make the Maxim machinegun look like a fucking peashooter.

Malthus trumps Brexit.


And we all know how good the prognostications of Malthus turned out to be!

How about Charles Moore in the DT then? ...

"When they talk about energy price caps, workers on boards or industrial strategies, Mrs May and Mr Corbyn are virtually interchangeable."

This rock and hard place choice brought about by you lot.

But they're both British, so that's alright then.


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