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Thursday, 11 May 2017


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It's actually the "ideological purity" that maters. I thought old Noam was dead. I guess you can't keep a good red down!

Ah, Noam Chomsky, aka Yesam Chumpsky, the deranged cunning linguist who has never encountered a hyperbole he could not exceed:

"Republican Party the most dangerous organization ‘in human history’!"
[Presumably more dangerous than the Nazis, the Stalinists, the "Progressive" Demonrats, and the Labour party.]

Seriously, does anyone still listen to what this douche has to say?


Alas, forgotten but not dead.

Jeremy is also waiting with bated breath for an endorsement from Bernie Sanders.

That should be the political non-event of the decade. Most voters here haven't heard of him. If they have, he's known as the bloke who lost.

Oh I dunno about that David ... I'm referring to your post's title of course.


Seriously, does anyone still listen to this douche?

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