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Tuesday, 23 May 2017


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David, Hanson's piece is 5000 pounds of manure in a 50 pound sack. It's one dopey fallacy or distortion after another and not worth the time to take on point by point. The idea the Clintons are leftists is preposterous. Bill gave us NAFTA, draconian criminal law, financial deregulation, and a number of other items on the Republican wish list.

The blog you refer to is a combination of humorlessness, obsessive-compulsive disorder and radical centrism (which is not true centrism), though it is extremely well written. Who do you think represents "the center" in the US?

"Who do you think represents "the center" in the US?"

Bob, I haven't the faintest idea and after eight years of Obama corruption, I'm not sure that the centre would be of much use. The fact is I don't think anyone 'over there' has a clue!

Hillary is a Leftist, Bill is not-at least openly. There is no center in America at the moment. We only have the toxic legacy of Barack Obama and part of that legacy is Trump. When the world's only superpower can only whack up an election between Hillary and Donald...A bridge has been crossed.

Obama did manage to "out" the majority of his party for what it always has been--Red Leftist. The rest are quiet. The "resistance" has been joined by the losing candidate of the last election. There is no chance of forming a center for the time being. When will things begin to change? When the Left begins to take casualties via law enforcement or fed up Patriots.

Damn fine article. Hits the nail on the head.

David, considering who just got elected president it's not hard to see why you'd feel America has lost its way. It's quite possible the UK will have it's own experiment with radical centrism in the form of Ms May's government. If so, good luck. You'll need it.

I also must compliment the informed, sober, and sane opinions expressed on this blog. We simply need to kill everyone who doesn't agree with "us"! Brilliant! You must be very proud.

Kidding aside, sorry to hear about the attack in Manchester.

Ahoy! Aussie D. (& perhaps, TheBigHenry.)

Recently you'll recall, our David has been posting on Gallipoli?

("Patience" for you TBH. Oy Aussie D, perhaps "Steady the Buffs"?)

Good article indeed. Add this:

H/T Malcolm Pollack

G'day JK,

Australians fought in the Middle East in both wars. At Gallipoli and then in the Palestine campaign in WW1 and Syria and Africa in WW2.

This year marks the centenary of one of the best recorded [here in Oz] and last "cavalry" charges in modern war. Much of the mounted portion of the British Army was made up of Australian Light Horse Regiments who were in fact mounted infantry. They rode up to the "start mark" dismounted and fought on foot. It was this practice that gave them an advantage at Beersheba as the Turks expected them to dismount and fight on foot whereas they continued to charge on horseback using their bayonets as swords.

I shall listen to the reference you gave later today.

When an asshole baits a bear and the infuriated bear tears the baiter apart, it is not due to mere disagreement.

G'day JK

Listened to the interview by Hoffman. Sounds an interesting book so I'll go hunting for it.

Re the photograph of Allenby entering Jerusalem the city was actually entered by British and Australian troops two days earlier.

Good link article - plus the comments in the article.

What gets me about you lot is you read an article like that, which clearly shows the drain / refill of the swamp process and the equal stink of exiting and entering effluences, and approve the point being made, and then, in the next breath, it's straight back to weasel worded endorsements of whichever effluence's scent takes your fancy!

Your faith in authority, "take back control", "my tribe is better than yours", when it does nothing but make you look like fools or psychopaths is breathtaking.

Where is it, oh yes, bless their cotton Python socks: -


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