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Monday, 15 May 2017


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Don't weaken!

Well done, that man!

Whew! A fine display of skill and guts! If I had done that jump...after a fist fight...I would have needed a shower and ward robe change.

Well done, and keep remoaning.

Bob - don't encourage him!

That jump was a manly act. "Remoaning"? not so much.

Well done SoD.

And a good choice of charity. Altogether a splendid effort.

A good choice of causes to support, yes, and a manly/really fun way to help raise the money. But, best of all, for me, was seeing a Duff in video. I am certain that, for security and/or sanity reasons, the Memsahib will not be appearing any new productions, but that would round out our picture of the Duffs.

Loz also needs to know that we have tons of jumping in Texas, wide open spaces that we are. So, y'all come and see us when you can, y'hear? Oh, yes, there are also Czech-speaking communities here that Mrs, Loz might like to explore, before they are completely homogenized away.Alas, Nashinets has already ceased publication. ( I spelled it in English because, if I switch over to Czech orthography, it won't go back to English.)

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