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Wednesday, 17 May 2017


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You seem to have forgotten T May and Nicola, queen of the Scots! On the other hand, D Trump has had 5 children, including the next president of the USA, Ivanka.

Sorry, BOE, they are included later in the article.

Duffers is Scotland still part of the Union? If so it's leader is surely my [and your] old Service boss EIIR and she is not childless.

Many happy returns!

I would have thought that given Juncker's objections to any sort of withdrawal, he would have sired a commission-full of little drunks by now.

Happy birthday David! You don't sound a bit over 77. Your mirrors may report something otherwise?

Enjoy your Birthday.

Is Europe contemplating a return to rule based on progenitors?

Happy Birthday Dear Duffers! We are mighty glad that your parents decided to procreate!
Bob, stop being so pedantic.

Happy BD, David. And many happy returns.

Happy Birthday. I wonder if you saw the programme on BBC4 last night - Dan Snow on My Great Great Grandfather, Lloyd George? It rather tied in with previous posts, and amongst the contributors was Margaret MacMillan, (Snow's aunt!) and Richard Toye. Not a fan of either Snow but I felt I learnt a little bit more about LG. Cheers.

Well, missred, why else would Jim Goad be so worried about childless office holders? One would assume that as long as there are democracies there will be people to vote either for or against.

Happy birthday, David. My gift is to insist that what the commenters at Carpenter's blog call you isn't completely true.

Ok Hillary, what do they say on Carpenter's blog?

Maggie, I'll leave it to David to tell you.

Happy Birthday David.

Happy birthday, David.

As far as what the entrails portend for Europe? Looks like a mix of the end of the Roman Empire and the Mouse Eutopia. We're all fooked!

That should of course have been spelt Utopia. Spelling not helped by red wine.

Yeah, but I was an accident and a one-and-only, plus I never got round to it.

So be careful who you're calling "genetic dead ends"!

But hey, the propeller heads have discovered that the multi-verse exists! ...

So somewhere out there there's a parallel universe where they didn't do Brexit, and there's loads of SoSoD's and little Junckers and Macrons! Prepare the spaceship Jeeves ...


I'll drink one in your honor David ol' hoss.

(Now which one specifically, I cannot say.)



Propellerheads, indeed. Note the "If", "may" and "might"s (bolded by me):

"One explanation for the Cold Spot is that it might be the remnant signal of the collision of our Universe and one of the trillions of others. If further, more detailed, analysis proves this to be the case then the Cold Spot might be taken as the first evidence for the multiverse – and billions of other universes may exist like our own."
As one commenter put it, "It's remarkable how many impossible things people can train themselves to believe before breakfast."

A belated Happy Birthday Duffers. Been a bit occupied over the last week as SWMBO underwent major surgery last week. All OK but it was still a concern when you are over 70.

The idea of multiple universes is fascinating. Just imagine there must be one where Bob is a President Trump fan and SoD voted for Brexit.

Thank you all for your Birthday good wishes, much appreciated.

Happy birthday from the Home for the Bewildered.

AussieD, I am sort of a Trump fan, but not for reasons most D&N readers would like.

SoD good to hear from you again after your parachute drop.

The multiverse ideas certainly are curius but personally from my usual position of complete ignorance I think they're probably bollocks.

They're a convenient mathematical way to reconcile quantum mechanics and general relativity but they don't really pass the sniff test.

I suspect that at some point in the not too distant future somebody will come up with a completely different approach to a GUT which will involve a total paradigm change, probably a completely different type of maths and starting assumptions/insights which will turn physics upside down in much the same way as relativity did 100 years ago.

Being a romantic old soul I like to think that most of the great theorems in both Maths and physics have a great elegance to them, and you really couldn't say that about multiverses.

Quite honestly, even the we-are-all-electrons-in-a-giant-computer theory is better!!

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