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Tuesday, 09 May 2017


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G'day Duffers,

Re your light at the end of the tunnel in French try,

"La lumière au bout du tunnel est un train à grande vitesse qui se dégage"

JK..For an interesting take on Sir John Monash try

"La lumière au bout du tunnel est un train à grande vitesse qui se dégage"...replace "qui se degage" par "qui vous fonce dessus" and, voila, it makes sense.

Similarly, replace "par" with "by" in my previous comment!

In this day and age it does not appear to matter much who is voted in as leader. All appear to have solutions to problems that are fundamentally only symptoms of much deeper causes. Causes that they are totally unaware of or ignore out of expediency. Even their solutions to the symptoms are unless they are conservative all wrong and even then only partially correct. Competence is another issue few if any exhibit any of that. Our science and technology are improving rapidly but it appears our intellect, wit and maturity is going just as quickly in the opposite direction the quality of our leaders reflects that situation.

Monoi my French is very rudimentary and well out of practice so you may in fact be right. Google translate seems to follow my interpretation but Google is not the ultimate font of knowledge.

Perhaps one of the other regular denizens of this august site may speak fluent colloquial French and assist.

Whatever the translation "the ancient enemy" are stuck with a seemingly policy free zone as President.

Antisthenes, you hit the nail squarely.

AussieD, my French is wretched but my accent is pretty good!

By that link to Zero Hedge, I don't see how France survives the destructive power of unions and the cultural and social rot from generations of Leftism. This does not even touch on the fact that Islam is eating away at France from within.

G'day Whitewall,

Back in the late 90's SWMBO and I went to France to visit the battlefields of the Somme and to Belgium to Ypres where my grandfather had been in WW1. The local French people were most patient with me as I murdered their language with my Aussie accent - they were however most hospitable especially in the areas where the Australians had been fighting.

In Paris we stayed for a week at a delightful little hotel off the Rue Madeleine and two charming ladies "of a certain age" who ran a nearby patisserie spent the week trying to correct my accent and grammar. We became "their Australians" to everyone else in the establishment while we were there.

Their food and hospitality was unsurpassed but they were not successful in correcting either my accent or grammar.

As it happens, I speak fluent colloquial French by virtue of nationality.

But feel free to have my French corrected! :)

One possible reason Macron eked out a win was being a step ahead of the Rooskies:

European leaders apparently learned the lessons of Brexit and Trump well, especially regarding a candidate with well-publicized debts to Putin.

Monoi, you are very welcome here at D&N because we need a genuine French view of 'les affaires' if only to counteract the Anglo-Saxon prejudice which predominates in these, er, distinguished columns! And yes, I plead guilty!

Superb Aussie D.

Have a beer.

Monoi I defer to your opinion.

JK I'll have three - one for you, one for Sir John and the last for myself.

Open, as in open mic, collusion with the Russians is well documented for the infamous Kenyan-born fake-president 0bama.

Does anyone really believe all presidents don't consider domestic politics as part of foreign policy?

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