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Sunday, 07 May 2017


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The man who dispatched the young Dindo was a neighbourhood watch volunteer, or "vigilante" as I saw him described in the MSM over there. His self defense argument was accepted by the jury.

David, through your accounts, I have developed a fondness for The Tippling Philosopher!

1) "young Trayvon has been honoured by Florida 'University' with a posthumous degree in aeronautical engineering"

Let's not be outdone. Mad Frankie Fraser should get an Oxford degree in moral philosophy.

2) "There are reports in the papers today that eating bogies is actually good for you."

Does it specify whose bogies?

Whiters, to be honest it is not the greatest pub in the world but it has one huge advantage - it's only 300 yds away!

For God's sake, 'W', I've just had my lunch!!!!

Also, Whiters, if you click on the link it's worth reading the history of the pub.

David, I did. Thus the attraction. I will take a twisting and turning history over new and shiny every time!

France spins her wheels and looks the other way. When the ultimate eruption comes, it will be much uglier.

"When the ultimate eruption comes, it will be much uglier."

And there-in lies the big difference between us and them! We seem to have the ability to (sort of) self-correct if things go too far in one direction. Don't misunderstand me, it's not that we are wiser, far from it when I consider some of the wrong directions we have taken, but given our unwritten constitution which has developed inch by inch over the centuries we can touch the brakes or turn the wheel and (just) slide by total disaster. It will be fascinating to watch - from the outside - whether the Euros have the same ability to dodge the bullet!

The Russian hackers' timing was a little off this time. They'll try harder for the Germans.

Aussie D?

Hopefully ... this'll be readily accessible by y'all Oz folks.

Anything you wish to discuss we'll do so.

G'day JK

I listened to the link and it is a fair summary of the US/Australia relationship.

The 50,000 American troops who were introduced to the realities of the WW1 battlefield under command of Sir John Monash were fortunate in having one of the outstanding military thinkers of the time. His co-ordination of the rolling barrage with the somewhat primitive armour, aircraft and closely following infantry was instrumental in the victory achieved by the Australian troops in 1917/18.

His troops [including my grandfather] thought the sun shone out of him. A rare accolade from Australians who were by nature independent and sceptical given their prior experiences.

He was the last Commander knighted in the field.

In relation to the Battle of the Coral Sea it is regarded as highly significant here being the sea battle which interrupted the seaborne offensive by the Japanese while Australian troops stopped the Japanese at Kokoda and Milne Bay.

As the interview states we have been in every conflict the US has been in since WW1.

The relationship is healthy enough to see Australian generals such as General Moylan in Iraq given operational command of US personnel.

Not to say we may not have our differences from time to time but the alliance is a healthy one.

It's at least possible Aussie D that, my Dad's uncle Ed was in the proximity if not "five by five" with your grandfather. I have a somewhat vague recollection of my uncle dressing down my Dad as regards Sir John.

Not a all vaguely I do recall Dad's sincere contrition.

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