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Friday, 19 May 2017


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Regarding PM May's manifesto...from here it sounds a bit like moderate Republicans somehow lucked up and accidentally found themselves in charge of government with no threat at all from the Left. Moderates rarely stand for anything, hence their moderation. They will "stand" all over the place.

I actually read and skimmed the whole thing, with a non-stop smile after about half way through. The "manifesto" is 100% political boilerplate, promising everything to everyone in a magical land of rainbows and cornucopias. One could suspect the document is actually an advertisement for the upcoming election.

Well, Bob, if the Tory one emanates from 'La-La Land' then what do you make of Jezza's effort?

David, from an American perspective "Jezza's effort" comes largely from our 1930's labor movement. Having already read the Tory, I couldn't bring myself to read all 126 pages of the Labor manifesto this morning, but was struck by the similarity in promises made. It reinforces the suspicion that Ms. May sees Clintonian triangulation as desirable, at least rhetorically. Brits should be wary.

As I wrote, like:-

Tory Manifesto ……page 82

A free media

At a time when the internet is changing the way people obtain their news, we also need to take steps to protect the reliability and objectivity of information that is essential to our democracy and a free and independent press. We will ensure content creators are appropriately rewarded for the content they make available online. We will be consistent in our approach to regulation of online and offline media. Given the comprehensive nature of the first stage of the Leveson Inquiry and given the lengthy investigations by the police and Crown Prosecution Service into alleged wrongdoing, we will not proceed with the second stage of the Leveson Inquiry into the culture, practices and ethics of the press. We will repeal Section 40 of the Crime and Courts Act 2014, which, if enacted, would force media organisations to become members of a flawed regulatory system or risk having to pay the legal costs of both sides in libel and privacy cases, even if they win.
I do believe that that paragraph is more important than all the rest of the whims, and whines, and head-shaking dross which fills the other pages. If they win, and I hope they do, it will show that at least the Tories will have shaken off the leaden weights of Levenson, and allow free comment and speech to rule once more in the Nation!

Update:—– Just wonder what Max Mosley said when he read that small gem?

A comment upon a blog I write for stated:- I suspect Max was too busy to notice, tied up somewhere perhaps.

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