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Monday, 08 May 2017


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Macron is Mutti Merkel's Mutt and Brussels' Boy. His high water mark is today. I saw where the German Foreign Minister is alarmed that Le Pen got a third of the vote. When enough becomes enough, a third is all that is necessary. Meantime most French are living under "doublethink". The "wrong" people know the obvious truth and are telling it. The "wrong" people can not be allowed to be right.

David, for all your other faults you at least usually avoid blatantly bullshitting the readers. You are not pleased Le Pen lost. Your vision of a European Bolshevik revolution is fading ever faster.

I understand that a good proportion of those who voted for Macron only did so to prevent Le Pen (why isn't it Le Plume?) from being elected.
At least the French voters didn't wear pegs on their noses as they did a few years back when choosing between Marine's Dad and some left wing tosser (the tosser won). It seems that the French are only right wing when the German authorities tell them to be.

Sorry, Bob, but I have no idea what you mean! I *am* pleased Le Pen lost because I have no desire for a Fascist to be running our nearest neighbour. She would have caused mayhem 'just over there'. And I have never expected or suggested "a European Bolshevik revolution". There is no doubt in my mind that the EU as moulded by 'Mutti' Merkel is doomed. This French lad will only hasten the end. The sooner the better.

The "interesting times" are coming to France anyway. This postponement is only going to increase the interest factor.

Well, David, I was extrapolating a bit. For example:

The reference to Bolsheviks was a take on your wish the EU be dismembered by "the people" (with some help from Putin's hackers). Good jokes don't require more words to explain than write. Excuse my carelessness.

Well, Bob, there's 'extrapolating' and then there's, er, 'extrapolating'. The post you linked, written in January when Macron was a mere microdot, does not indicate any joy on my part for a Le Pen win, it was merely a description of the situation if she did. The election of Macron will hold the EU together for a bit longer but when the, er, 'adjustment' occurs it will be all the more catastrophic.

All the French have done is to kick the croissant a bit further down the avenue. In 5 years, France will be a very different place.

Rapscallion, then they will want someone to buy that well kicked croissant?

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