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Wednesday, 10 May 2017


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What is Trump up to? Well, the easy answer is to drive the Democrats even deeper down the hole of mental illness they came down with when HRC lost. This "Russia stuff" is a drug to prevent them from doing a good election post mortem of themselves. They dare not. The Russia investigations will go on as they should...Meantime, someone with gravitas needs to step in and repair the damage done to the FBI by Comey. Once he touched the Clintons, Obama and Obama's "Justice Dept", he was done for on July 5 of last year. Good riddance.


I agree with your analysis. Good riddance to Comey for inserting himself into the political jungle and hijacking the purview of the Attorney General.

As to "what is 'The Donald' up to?", I don't think the President is obliged to tell the world that. I am reminded of Bush 41's famous quip, "I am the President and I don't have to eat broccoli if I don't want to!"

"Attorney General of the time, Loretta Young"

Were you watching a movie with Loretta Young (actress) when writing about Loretta Lynch?

Timing is irrelevant considering the President most likely would have been vilified anyway, regardless of time.

The President is being himself. Using the Democrats playbook against them by keeping them off balance. Doing the unexpected at the unexpected time.

Scoot Adams explains it all

Thank you, Uppers, and I have duly corrected my error which was entirely due to advancing old age and the faulty memory that goes with it!

Monoi, apart from his opening paragraph which contains the worst joke I have seen since the last Christmas cracker I pulled, that was an excellent article. Mr. Adams and his blog must now be added to my favourites list.

Henry, I can never be president. I like broccoli! Especially baked in cheese sauce.

The Comey firing was inevitable, despite the histrionics from the media, Congress and so on. He was good at his job except for a counter-productive urge to repeatedly wade into politics attempting to prevent the sharks from dragging him down. Trump's one consistent motive is to keep the waters as muddied and bloodied as possible.


Btw, the root and timing behind Comey's firing were his lies to Congress. The FBI was forced to cover for him, which made many important people unhappy:

Trump is being attacked on all fronts from various political groups who do not respect the election result. Trump is clearly upsetting the elites who think they are untouchable kind of like the unelected EU beaurocracy.
I hope he hangs in there and fucks them. The Russian crap is a red herring and diversion.
If the CIA had evidence then it would have been exposed ages ago.

Russian interference in the election is no red herring. An original source (look at page 7):

What's not established is Trump's role, which is under investigation.

Allo Jimmy Glesga!

You'll of course recognize the fey of all this I been following quite awhile?

It'll take you "irregulars" some time to get it all absorbed ... 'some time' being operative here? I JK Myself awaiting the ... verdict?

Again: All this will take awhile but, first to distinguish the facts of the matter ... you following me Aussie D?

Headphones Gentlemen; no disturbances:



But First! this:

(Andrew McCarthy a, formal Federal Prosecutor & a friend of Comey's who -sheds some light on the differences on, "what has been going on"


Thanx for the link to the Scoot Scott Adams article. The money quote is:

"My favorite part of this firing – from a persuasion perspective – is that it is such a strong move. The pure dominance of the play is what will stick in our minds. This was some ballsy Presidenting. That’s the lasting takeaway. You’ll remember the boldness long after you forget the timing and the details."
Which reminds me of the gross inaction of the "leads from behind his wife's large behind" fake president, who should have fired Comey before the election. It's been rumored that his balls are inside a small glass jar that his wife keeps on her nightstand.

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