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Tuesday, 13 June 2017


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G'day Duffers,

That is a great photo. I do so love rural English pubs - especially those alongside water where you can sit outside and soak in the surroundings. I'll have a pint of dark please - chilled. And one of those tables alongside the water.

Good afternoon old boy,

I had my retirement do at the Mayfly and been back several times since with the Mem. Smashing place.

Oh my life! It's my home!!

Yes, holt is a ye olde word for refuge "I am the womb of every holt".

Quite right re: The Holt. It's owners also have a rather brilliant brewery as well. Unsurprisingly it's The Otter Brewery just a few miles from rhe pub.

Well Mayfly, I believe your "home" must resemble heaven! I can surely sit eat and fish in the same place! My wife can wander around happily. David, thanks for the link!

Crikey, what a collection of drunks and bar flies we have here at D&N!

Beautiful view, David. I had to "borrow" it:

You are very welcome, Henry, especially if you could arrange an intro to any of those gorgeous ladies who grace your blog!

I would if I could, David. But, on my blog, I can only show smaller copies (made available by the photographers) of the ladies' portraits. If you click on the copies, however, you can see the photos posted by the photographers themselves.

Isn't it funny?

The Gaffer spent most of his life saying Oz would be the last place in the world he'd ever want to go, and that nothing matters so long as Blighty is run by Brits.

And now Blighty is leaving to be run by Brits, and hasn't even started the process let alone finished it, he already wants to do a runner to Oz because Blighty might be run by a Brit called Jezza.

Shoorely shome mishtake?

Welcome home Gaffer!


SoD, it seems you are not smitten by the tranquil photo above? It's my kind of place.

That's all very well but, I've told you before, we're full!
No more ten quid Poms, thank you very much.
You wouldn't like it here - it's full of nasties that bite, and I'm one of them.
Finally - stay home old man.
PS: The memsahib would be quite welcome and I have a spare bedroom or two.

Duffers they are always "full" in Andra's part of Oz. It's the only way you can put up with that part of G-D's Own Country. Aside from a sharp lookout for all the things that either want to eat you, sting you, or otherwise cause your demise you need lots of insect repellant and gallons of rum.

Down here in the Southern part we have excellent breweries, great wineries and the food is better. Ten Quid Tourist or not you'd be welcome. Just ignore the most poisonous snakes in Oz and if you don't go in the water you need not worry about the Great White, Tiger or Whaler Sharks.

What more could you ask for?

Here you go Gaffer, this is the battle cruiser (a prize for the first American to work out the cockney rhyming slang "battle cruiser") for you! ...


See, look at this, your future all taken care of by your loving son ...

There's a lovely gentleman called Mr Juncker got the room next door to yours, says he knows the area quite well and will happily give you a tour of the Waterloo battlefield if you're feeling a bit homesick and in need of a lift!

"Crikey, this politics show is cruel theatre" - but not a patch on blogging, eh?!


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