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Wednesday, 21 June 2017


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Those 4 Commie Lib "media" types looked the same when Hillary lost last November.

"...piling invective on voters you are trying to woo does not seem very sensible." Quite! Wonder if you have anyone particular in mind?

Glyn, welcome to D&N but, alas, I have very little in my mind so you need to give me a clue, especially if you intend 'to hoist me in my own petard'!

Delicious. Now them dems need to go into a padded room and knock some sense into their heads (against the wall of course). Naw - forget the padding.

" they have ceased to think coolly and rationally "

Duffers they have not ceased they have in fact never had the capability to think coolly and rationally. Logic, reason and objectivity are not attributes that they posses. The proof being that they cling with religious fervour to socialist and progressive dogmas and ideologies which have long since been shown to impoverish societies not enhance them least of all turn them into the Utopias that proponents on the left preach that they will become.

Antisthenes, well put! However, their nature will persist.

Love the photo. Looks like it's a competition to judge who can hold the enema in longest before rushing to the loo!

Hmm. You mean like Remainers are your fellow citizens? Still waiting at Carpenter's site for your wisdom on what constitutes cool and rational thought. Will it be much longer do you think? Or is it a secret?

Most pollsters didn't expect Democrats to win in either Georgia or South Carolina and were more interested in the margins of victory. There's a lesson about the credibility of blogs and cable "news" in there somewhere.

Well Bob, in that case the pollsters finally nailed one!

Perhaps the pollsters didn't expect the Democrats to win, but the Democrats sure expected to win. ROFLM OSSOF!

Timbo, Pollsters and news outlets have long histories of fallibility. This picture is famous in the US. That's Truman, winner of the 1948 American presidential election, holding the paper:


"Most pollsters didn't expect Democrats to win in either Georgia or South Carolina and were more interested in the margins of victory."

Damn Bob ... you're worse than David. 'N that's sayin' something!

Sorry, JK, but I don't get your point. The article linked doesn't make a call because the polling wasn't clear. Does that mean they expected one of the candidates to win?

$50,000,000.99 on a single Demo race Bob!

And in Georgia of all places ... Jeebers Bob, you don't "get the point"?

(I'm unsure of the 99¢ as all I've heard tell of was the $50 mil so, don't take it to the bank.)

Robert (WW),

That Red in red looks like she's in a trance -- "It's déjà vu all over again."

Henry, yep, her Mother was right. Her face just might freeze with that look...and it did.


You're only looking at the total. Ossoff spent $23 million but Handel spent $27 million. Do you think the Republicans did just great by having to spend $27 million in a district they usually win by double digits then win by 4%?

Thanks you very much Bob. That explains it omnivorously.

'Preciate Bob, you not being "technical" bein' as I understand a NASA guy.

(Now I appreciate how we got to the moon.)

If Democrats ever say what they really mean, then I understand them to believe that there is a hard core of us who really, really do want a government to run everything, fix everything, make it all better. Conservatives keep saying that we can run our own lives reasonably well, thank you very much. Ossoff tried to sell another form of pig in a poke, in that, although he was running as a Democrat, he really believed in freedom. Suburban Atlanta, including several of my first cousins, did not buy, deeply suspected there was a cat in that bag. It is very convincing evidence, at least to me, that they are utterly tone deaf, that they actually thought that GA 06, or SC 05 was so unsophisticated that they would be conned in that manner.

Note that the Democrats did better among younger voters. Is that a future trend? Well, maybe so. However, many of us fell for the Dem blandishments thirty years ago, and were gradually made wiser, if a little sadder in the process. Good campaigning, real Conservative reform, (keeping promises) and the future's so bright, we gotta wear shades. Hmmm. That could be the chorus of a song, maybe?

Hey Michael,

Got my 662 phone returned and, I'm not "pretty much" spending so much time where I was so unAble to keep in touch ... anyway ... I'm figuring Thursday [CST] amidst 1600 → 1740ish would work out pretty good.

Realizing "my limitations" of course.

Our friend is near, as we formerly spelled Dahr el-Zawr but which now more commonly appears as Dior az-Zair.

Lovely place as you might recall my "personal presence" was requested at that once, particular time:

(Bob - disregard as this is stenography as opposed to "code" which, as a NASA Engineer you'd ignore anyway - comfortably.)

What is it with the moronic Left?

Michael Moore equates Michigan governor with [Islamist] terrorist after Flint airport attack

Ossoff spent $23 million but Handel spent $27 million.

You are right about Ossoff, but wrong about Handel. According to campaign finance reports filed with the (Federal Election Commission) FEC you are wrong, Bob. The majority of the 50+ mil was raised by outside donors and super pacs.

Ossoff spent $23,600,861.14 - Handel spent $4,555,808.76.

Correction Ossoff spent $22,532,609.57

Handel spent $3,158,847.03

Scroll down to Candidates Overview, click on the 'top spending' link.

I've got a heap of news for Michael effing Moore and it's all bad.

Up2L8, You're right. My wording was sloppy. The Newsweek article summed up monies from all sources, not just what was spent or raised by the campaigns themselves. It is a distinction without a difference in other than US campaign laws.

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