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Thursday, 08 June 2017


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What's "delicious" about Calfornia's strutting the world's stage equates very nearly perfectly with what the Demos/Progs are complaining about as we speak, collusion with the Commies! by, Ol' Moonbeam Brown setting up with Comrade Xi "an understanding" - completely without Irony writ large that, the various state's governments under the Constitution ain't statutorily fit to be making any "treaty" with an adversary nation.

Where's Comey when we need 'im?

You could look no further than home to find such enclaves.

It's a la mode all over the west West, and the Middle East.

But the EU and China seem to be bucking the trend, and uniting internally. And if they're internally cohesive enough, these two together could be the new global driving force for the next half century, eclipsing the US, NATO, and obviously the Rooskies.

If we tag along we could do alright. Might even get some cheap stealth fighter / bombers to knockout those ruddy expensive F-35's that never seem to work.

In other words, TTFN America. Thanks for the memories.


Drama Queen French should be reminded that the US once fought a literal civil war in which, according to the latest estimate, 750,000 people died. There are a lot of fallacies in his piece, but the most relevant has to do with economics.

California is not an outlier. 12 states, 211 mayors and about 1000 others have rejected Trump's withdrawal from the Paris accord:

That points to the reason for most of our political differences; cities versus small towns and rural areas. Most states that contain major cities, and most large cities regardless of location, are doing fairly well economically. Small towns have been badly hurt by a loss of manufacturing jobs. There are numerous reasons, but both parties have contributed to making matters worse and neither has done much to improve life in those places, which are mostly in the central "rust belt". They're the places that put Trump in the White House.

Hahaha! If the exit poll is to be believed, it's a well-hung parliament.

Revenge of the Remainers.

What have you done?


From your link Bob ...

"By signing, these entities promised to “pursue ambitious climate goals” and “take forceful action” to reduce their emissions. While it still remains to be seen what specific steps the signatories—which include giants like Apple and Facebook and big pension funds like CalPERS—will take to fulfill that promise, the outpouring of support suggests it is rapidly becoming unfashionable not to take a stance supporting the Paris agreement."

Soooo ... you'd have it that "fashion [will] rules the day"?

You might Bob consider becoming a regular commentor on this site:

Get that fucking bitch Rudd out. C'mon Hastings.



Crack open the champers!

First Marxist coalition in the Western world since, oooh, I don't know when.

Next, Bernie Sanders for POTUS?

xox SoD

JK, It's pointless to discuss climate change or industrial hygiene with anyone on this blog, but again, the reason big business (except the fossil fuels sector) supports Paris is they've already made a huge investment in clean energy. CEO's who care more about fashion than money are rare, if there are any. Coal jobs are not going to come back to the rural communities that voted Trump.

Fluffbun gets comment of the night, "Oh, back to communism again, well I can fuck off and leave y'all to it. I came here to get away from it. But you lot are fucked."

Never thought I'd ever crawl across the living room floor begging someone to marry me for an EU passport.

"But weren't you the one who said we could live together for the rest of our lives without getting married?"

You fuckers have landed me right in the shit. Only consolation is you're in it right next to me.

Still might all be wrong. But if your buttyhoho's are anything like mine you'll be needing a draw-string to hold it together.

Speaking of buttyhoho's, Theresa May is toast, and Mr Juncker, Barnier, et al is going to peel her successor's pants down and have free rein in the Brexit negotiations.

Great call, you Brexit lot.


SoD, apparently May is your version of Hillary, but it's as good a reason for champagne as any. Are you serious about "Marxist"? Your support for a BMI would make you a Marxist on this side of the pond.

JK, as a guy who owns clothes older than most people who read Kingdom of Style, I'm not qualified.

Comrades, rattle your chains for the last time!



Anybody else following the British election results? I happen to be one of the denizens where our friend Duff offers his wisdom in the U.S.. Not the Bernie Sanders one. It's looking as if May might only hold on by the hair on her stiff upper lip. And maybe not even that. Civil war coming perhaps?

"In which I, seriously, begin to fear for the United States".

How wonderfully "internationalist" of you, Comrade! Blighty being fine, of course, under your new direction. No fear!


Amber Rudd potential recount. Come on, if anyone needs kicking out on her buttyhoho it's that poisonous cow.

Name and shame my Fluffbun? On your bike, you fucking bitch.


Peter G, David mentioned recently that Labor might need to pick up a few seats to keep PM May from drifting even more left. I wonder if he meant this many? Too much leftism makes a country tend to crawl instead of stand up and walk.

Peter G.

Civil war? Bet you ex-colonials head down that road before we do.


Since David set the title of this post:

Sloping off to bed, bottle of champers and Glenmorangie listing to port and starboard, somewhat striped. Fluffbun looks serene, smiling in her reverie.

When I wake, will it all have been a dream?



No dreams!

I told you the Brits, if left alone, are a collectivist, authoritarian, statist people, quite capable of propelling Marxism to challenging proportions, and in the next election, maybe a majority.

You must thank the curious fact that the same are also pro-EU when properly asked about the matter. Which means their collectivist, authoritarian, statist tendencies are tempered by the EU's single market rules and regs, the only backstop to a descent into out-and-out Marxism.

We now have the well-hung parliament required to deliver soft Brexit. In the EEA, in the customs union. A good start on the path to rejoining.

Your Empire 2.0 dreams are over. Oh, btw, Ukip who?

Funny, Fluffbun's Indefinite Leave to Remain just came through, after unbelievable stress and effort. Looks like she might not need it after all.

How's that chuckling under the duvet with the Daily Mail going for you this morning?

Over to you, Gaffer.


I was hoping you'd have a lie in after last night's incoherent flatulence!

Mmm, much flatulence, that's for sure - all peaty and bubbles after the champers whisky fest. Was ejected to the spare room at 3am-ish after a particularly comedic volume-level rasper.

Anyone heard from the Gaffer?

Is he writing his resignation speech - unlike May, who appears to be heading for Her Maj to ask for a government. Can you believe the arrogance? I hope HM kicks her buttyhoho and sets the corgis on her.

Or is he fetching a blue boiler suit from the local M&S with an extra large breast pocket for his little red book?!


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