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Friday, 16 June 2017


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Yep, the Brit voters sussed her out, and dodged a bullet with their well-hung parliament.

Still might take a wound that could prove fatal if she sticks to hard Brexit, mind.


May is looking more and more deeply unimpressive. She was an unimpressive Home Sec and punched briefly above her weight getting the brexit bill through, even though it could be argued she made a horlicks of that as well by so visibly not having the faintest idea what she was doing.

She's not up to it and must go.

I expect that come the German elections, after which Brexit will begin properly Ruth Davidson will be leader.

By the way I commend you to read the raedwald posting today; he has a link to an article in Spiegel which is so dripping with contempt and loathing for the UK - if it was a bacon sandwich it would carry a health warning; truly the mask has come off.

Cuffers, I read the Spiegel article but have you a link to " the raedwald" post?

G'day Duffers


In which I agree with SoD


Hmm, when have any of those governments "over there" ever liked Britain? Or the English speaking world for that matter? And that Brussels mob wants some sort of EU Army? An army to defend themselves from the outside or maybe more darkly, the inside?


Ironically, Robert, the Germans liked the English-speaking armies a lot in 1945 because they were shitting their pants on the Eastern front.

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