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Wednesday, 07 June 2017


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I would like to see Diane Abbott as the new leader, Labour is the Party for stupid people after all.

A well-hung parliament, followed by a deepening of the current economic down-turn, a short, sharp taste of the 70's to remind the wrinklies whose memory doesn't serve them well what is was like and a whistle-stop tour for the youf, and we'll be bailed out by the IMF and back in the EU before you can say "balls".

That's what we want.

Didn't have to be that way, of course, but "least worst" works in politics as well as war. You, yes YOU, voted for it. Your bed, you lay in it - and you've dragged me right in next to you, and I've got a thumping great stiffler which I'm going to poke in your nether regions to remind you throughout this whole agonizing sleep-over and lie-in what you've done.

You are *so* gonna wish you didn't mark your X in that Br... box by the time this is over (if there's any of us left not pushing up the daisies by then).


I have a feeling that the court jester and his supporting cast; Diane Abbot et al are being looked upon with greater favour than their slap stick comedy merits. No doubt because the Queen's (no not Elizabeth II) performance has been so lacklustre and incompetent as befits her as we have long been aware of but covered up until now her non abilities. So it is not beyond the bounds of reason that the Court Jester may usurp the throne today. Even if not he will be well placed to remain in place to dazzle us all with his childish utterances and actions. The rest of the circus clowns will have to wait a long time yet to be able put their stupidity before us for our delectation.

"That's what we want."

Keep hoping.

"the 'Leftie-fanatics' remain in their Party HQ with a revolver and set about shooting the class traitors who let them and the Party down!" Now that is about the best I have heard it put to date!

I'm not sure if this was mentioned elsewhere, but apparently Corbyn was endorsed by the Daily Stormer. Brings a new meaning to "left wing fascism", doesn't it?

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