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Friday, 09 June 2017


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Glad yer back!

David, This blog left the impression that the biggest election loser had been British reserve - until your closing paragraph on this post. Keep a stiff upper lip and carry on, Comrade.

Apart from avoiding policies that appear to threaten the old, how about devising some that appeal to the young?
The most obvious one is lots of homebuilding to bring housing costs down and enable them all to get their own place. With the added advantage that when they get their own place they start to grow up and get suspicious of offers of free stuff.
It would be wonderful if we could steer some of the 50% who go to university, at a cost of £27000 plus three years living expenses into some form of advanced apprenticeship, which even at minimum wage would leave them £100,000 better off after three years, with the same future earning potential and much better placed to buy one of the foresaid homes.

Perhaps well enough alone should be left, but upon further review Ms May has gone, in the space of a day, from being the British Hillary Clinton to possibly being the British Donald Trump. Like Clinton, her less than stellar personality and incompetence lost the election, but she won't just fade away. She will now probably attempt to form a government with the DUP, similarly to the way Trump has teamed with the worst elements of the right in the US. The Reverend Ian Paisley is having a good laugh in Hell.

Dear David,

Your son's unrestrained paroxysms of joy at the expense of his father's disappointment is repulsive. You have my sympathy.

Thanks, Whiters, but alas, I was on shopping duties this morning.

Bob, I'm afraid my upper lip is the only stiff thing I have left these days! And, happily, there is absolutely no similarities between Mrs. May and 'HillBilly' and/or 'The Donald' - they are yours, all yours!

Pat, I'm not at all sure that sensible things are what the young yearn for which is why so many of them followed the pied piper of North London as he promised them anything and everything without the tedious business of explaining where the money would come from!

Henry, don't worry about 'SoD' and his gloatings, he's an excitable lad if, that is, he qualifies as a 'lad' at his ripe old age! Anyway, it's only politics!

It seems to me that the "peeps" have triumphed again. Mrs (not Ms) May's autocratic tendencies have been reined in and the Labour Party (or SWP) is stuck with Corbyn for at least five years.

It would be nice to see some links to reports of Mrs May being corrupt and/or criminal a la Clinton.

BOE, anything is possible but I urge you not to hold your breath waiting for proof of malfeasance on the part of the vicar's daughter!

If there's proof of an illegal act on the part of Hillary Clinton please point it out. "Extreme carelessness" (Comey's words), theatrical investigations by the Republicans or the fever dreams of the right don't count.

Ms May ( ) will by necessity be snuggling up to some odd characters in her new government. What could possibly go wrong?

Well, Bob, there's not much point in raking over well-harrowed ground but I would suggest to you that if 'HillBilly' had been a clerk in the State Department and misused classified documents the way she did, then it would be 30 years in Leavenworth!

And I don't think there are any particularly "odd characters" in her new government. According to the latest news its just a collection of the 'same-old-same-old'.

Is this the pistol and whiskey at a quiet table in the library scenario?
"The Tory party, in its generally quiet and polite way..."

Speculation and "what ifs" are not proof, David.

The DUP have some extreme views and have recently been involved in the cash-for-ash, dark money to support Brexit, Iris Robinson, and Project Eagle scandals. They're not my problem, so I've only done a cursory reading.

Btw, I commiserate (somewhat) about stiffness. I've been told the "blue pills" do work but don't increase desire, so they're likely to result in watching TV with a bothersome woody.

It's the next election that'll really lay you up.

A thumping great majority for Corbyn.

The decline and fall of Britain is only just beginning. There'll be no Mrs T to save you. Just misery, depravation, abuse, and violence. Lots of violence.

Remember when the youf rose up and tore England's cities apart 5 or so years back? That on steroids.

Hairies, IRA, and anyone else who fancies a pop.

And then remember: Only 1 year ago Blighty was growing at 3.2%, faster than the Jerries and Yanks, the deficit was shrinking, and we had the best EU deal on the table out of the 28 states.

And you blew it.

And you activated the youf. That one might be the worst of your mistakes, one that might even out-do Brexit and bring terrors the like of which we haven't seen in Blighty.

But no worries, because we've taken back control, and they're our pols.


And de youf will act like youf and be dealt with as such. Think about it.


If "you activated the youf" which caused them to rise up and tear England's cities apart, why aren't you in jail?

Just askin'.

SoD, The British youf dystopia will begin like this:

see below

As predicted by SoD: A well-hung parliament ...!An0TAR5hO_KkjJdgAA5Jz2PpC64MbQ


Morning SoD - I thought you'd gone. Well, never mind.

I think it's not a bad result actually.

May got her comuppance for an abysmal campaign in which she utterly failed to articulate any sort of vision for Britain or for Brexit beyond mouthing platitudes. The more excitable tory right are now hobbled and so paradoxically it is likely that the scope for compromise is widened as in view of the complexity of the thing, is necessary .

We all know there are few things more damaging than a government with a huge majority acting out of principle rather than pragmatism and deal making. A massive tory majority would probably have been inimical to a sensible brexit deal.

And she also managed to alienate her natural consituency by her blue labour positioning on domestic matters. That should mean that the next tory leader will be motivated to adopt a more Thatcherite stance which once brexit is achieved will be both possible and necessary.

Sod - don't let the door hit your arse on the way out...


Unshackled? Unhinged more like ...


Here's the only glimmer of light at the end of the tunnel: -

May's weak negotiation team rallies on soft Brexit; Economic downturn persists throughout negotiations; Corbyn wins next election with thumping majority on account of witnessing Tory meltdown and ineptitude to the point of spasticity; Youf ceases tearing the country apart because it's their watch now; Corbyn can't do much because we're back in the EU single market rules and regs with freedom of movement, the ECJ (more necessary than you think - think Gulag Britain, expropriation, political repression), and debt-to-GDP ratio rules, so nationalization curbed, taxing the rich doesn't work because they simply leave, and tyranny averted by the ECJ - plus the gilt markets flash a warning on debt to rein the lefties right in; Corbyn limited to Blair-like token lefty gestures such as banning fox hunting; Youf lose interest now they realize politics is a waste of time for reaching your personal ambitions, and now they've got a job the taxes are too high; a Dave & George combo gets elected on a cloaked Thatcherite agenda (cloaked in "The Big Society" or similar soundbite); normal service resumed.

And this agonizing circular detour, a grande historical waste of time, all because of your x in the box last June.


Ali Campbell on the right track: -

'Mr Campbell accused Ms May of "playing fast and loose, on Brexit, on Margaret Thatcher’s greatest achievement the single market and now Tony Blair and Gordon Brown’s greatest achievement which is the peace in Northern Ireland".'

Wow. A Blairite lefty acknowledging Mrs T's greatest achievement: The single market.

And all the Brexit muppets who consider themselves Thatcherites shunned it!


A truly dystopian vision SoD.

But you've called everything else wrong and doubtless you're wrong again so not too bothered.

If I was advising Mrs May, I would suggest offering Juncker and his friends 150 billion and freedom of movement in return to access to the single market on current terms. They in return, cease to meddle in our affairs.

PS. It also a mistake to see the "youf" and the muslims, as monolithic blocs. Plus, of course, the "youf" will get older, even pretend-youf like SoD will age.

I read somewhere that the 'Leavers' hope for the best and are grimly prepared for the worst, and the 'Remainers' hoped for the worst and will do their damnedest to make sure it comes about.
Sums up SoD, I think. (And also, I regret to say, my youngest brother; a Londoner, a Guardian reader, and a retired Civil Servant - no particular order of iniquity.) I asked him, as I now ask Sod, why do you hate your countrymen so much?

Because they put "countrymen" above "human".


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