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Friday, 09 June 2017


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It has not been such a bad result.
We get to keep Jeremy Corbyn. And Tim Farron. So more fun there.
Conservative leaders might realise that trying to be left of centre and using really weak election slogans, repeated ad nauseam, does not work.
The SNP might realise that somehow or other they drifted away from their supporters by abandoning those who were not overly keen on the EU and windmills. With Alec Salmond being given the opportunity to spend more time with his tipstering.
And Clegg (an annoying bloodsucking insect) can quickly apply to be an EU commissioner before that door shuts.
Maybe UKIP will get their act together and start to snap at the Tory heels again.
Every cloud has a silver lining.

The only downside is waiting for SoD to swing by to rub our noses in it.

Look on the bright side Mr Duff. Your personal tax allowance will continue to rise and the standard rate won't increase. The pension triple lock is safe and your winter fuel allowance is probably safe. And your free TV licence will continue. Plus, bossy May has had her fortune read and Nicola queen of the Scots has had a kick in the slats. The Labour Party will continue to change into the Socialist Workers Party and SoD will have to pay more and more tax.

Lord Buckethead will save you ...


As I read this election from over the face of two Islamist attacks, one less than a week ago, PM May said "enough is enough"...and she was right! The public collapsed and voted Red? A hung government and a population looking to the same government for answers if not action in the face of internal threat? Really?


Lord Bucket and the Gremloids have taken over, for a strong, not entirely stable, leadership ...

Lord Buckethead


With a majority in Parliament [?] and three years of the term to run St.Theresa was arrogant enough to go for more and believed she would get it. Didn't put her heart into the campaign either.

If Brit voters are the same as those here and in the US arrogance of that scale usually gets you a kick in the slats - and that's what she got. You are in for interesting times.

Off topic Duffers but I have just finished Rennie's book on 14 Company. Amazing. I dips me lid to him and his colleagues.

'Guy Verhofstadt, the European parliament’s Brexit representative, described the result as “yet another own goal – after Cameron now May”, adding: “I thought surrealism was a Belgian invention.”'


Lord Bucket does cut quite a figure!

So May, the Proddies, and Her Maj rally for Blighty's last stand.

It's the next election will seal their fate - and yours. Another million youf voters. Another million wrinklies under the sod. An inglorious failure in the EU negotiations. Corbyn elected with a thumping majority. And no EU rules and regs to restrain him.

All as I predicted, while you mocked me.

End of Blighty. Civil war. All are now on the horizon.

And just one year ago we were growing at 3.2%, faster than the Jerries and US, reducing the deficit, with the best EU membership deal of all 28 states on the table.

And you blew it.

As for me, well, if Fluffbun marries me I get my EU passport and it's "Nice ta see ya, wouldn't wanna be ya".


SoD, well under your scenario, the West will have fought and won the Cold War for nothing if Britain ends under Corbyn, the EU. Maybe the route from Capitalism back to capitalism will ultimately be through Communism? Cut and run is not at all liberating in my world view.

You remember the "EU negotiators like seasoned Ostfront SS veterans preparing to massacre the bumbling Toms" metaphor I served up over the last year?

Well seeing Verhofstadt's remark, it's like there's been a friendly fire incident before the battle even started, and the Tom's have wiped themselves out.

Beyond even my visions of UK blithering incompetence.


Maybe a closer inspection of Belgium is warranted?

Arise David and get thee out of the Tippling Philosopher!

AussieD, this gent has come to our attention over here in how to deal with some Lefties. Any more like him?

While scanning the skies for any trace of silver lining for Mr Duff I finally stumbled on one here. Neither of us has to deal with the mental image of May losing her Maidenhead.

G'day Whitewall.

This bloke is always worth a read. Not inclined to take prisoners either.

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