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Saturday, 10 June 2017


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"Sooner or later, governments will have to face that problem and then take the buckets of offal that will be tipped on them by the voters."
Have I mentioned, lately, that there is no free lunch?

Well, it turns out, not surprisingly, there is also no such thing as free 0bama phones! What a surprise.

How's dat hopey-dopey workin' for ya? Gangrenous Leftists.

From the conservative manifesto, page 8:

"If we are going to cope with our ageing society and if we want to give security to people in old age while being fair to younger generations, we are going to need positive, active government that will deal with increased demand for social care, fund and improve our National Health Service and build more houses across the country."

And from whence comes the revenue for these efforts? Possibly helicopters, as there is no detailed plan for taxation - only a repeated promise to keep taxes as low as possible.

Reductio ad absurdum can be employed by anyone.

The flip side of the "triple lock" is the amount of money stolen from prudent (mostly grey haired) investors since the advent of ZIRP !

Is there an insurance product available in Britain called Long Term Care or "nursing home" insurance? That would be just for this type of elder need. My wife and I have owned such a policy for many years. We saw what can happen in our own family without such.

ZIRP was and is a double whammy.

Eh Duffers?

You've a blog-staff photographer I trust?

As well as perhaps, a quality-control expert ... oh wait.

This is afterall Duff & Nonsense so to the latter ...

Perhaps you might try spending more time thinking.about policy and how to make it equitable. Why do something remarkably stupid like the dementia tax. It's an accounting nightmare which requires government resources to keep track of the expenditures for individuals. Furthermore we have to ask how this would work for the surviving spouse of an expired dementia patient who owed a bundle. Taxed on the spot and spouse forced out of their home? Or do you drop the hammer when they expire and accrue interest. Do individuals have a right to know what these death duties amount to? Can they challenge them? When you think about it for longer than thirty seconds the dementia tax is just stupid. You need to pay for your health care system and it needs to treat all people equitably. So what's wrong with estate taxes again?

‘Show Your Rump to Trump’ Plans Nationwide
Mooning During President’s UK Visit

The Gangrenous Left -- Low-Class Ass-Holes:
I guess their message is, "We got shit for brains."


Don't enlist TheBigHenry for your QC department.


Youfs will be youfs!

It's a twofer. Moon Trump, moon Putin.

The girl [?] in the red jacket has a nice bum. Little intelligence but a nice bum.

Watch out mooning attractive females - he might feel the urge to grab you by the covfefe or buttyhoho!

Impeach? Or in peach?


It's a great idea, mind.

The greeting should be extended to all pols, all the time, everywhere.

And if this isn't proof of my claim that the wrinklies have activated the youf by virtue of the Brexit vote, I don't know what is.


Brexit yet again SoD?

You need help sunshine.


When you've carried your Loved one out of a public place and onto a park bench, weeping, screaming "I don't know who I am anymore", crushed by her fellow citizens and authorities to the point of breakdown, you might, just might, understand where I am coming from.

Hopefully you'll never "need help sunshine". You seem to have plenty of sunshine in Oz, and maybe that helps.


Ahoy AussieD!

What's all this I'm hearing about the latest Oz fad, "Fancy Chickens"?

Andra's not in onit I pray?

All those things pointed out by Mr. Timothy are completely true, of course.

As was Theresa May's comment to that nurse when she said there's no magic money tree.

But you'd have to have a cloth ear and a wooden head to think those sorts of things should be said during an election campaign. Theresa May appears to have both.

She didn't need to put anything in the manifesto about this at all, just some standard bromides about being willing to take hard decisions yadda yadda yadda.

But no, she just had to shoot herself in the foot.

Stupid, stupid woman.

Trouble is it won't just be she who suffers.

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