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Wednesday, 14 June 2017


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Government run education is a threat to every nation. All part of the decline of the West. The future is too important to be left in the hands of the young as they are too often swayed by the promises of Socialism.

We could call it late abortion. I understand that Corbyn and young people are in favour of extending the time limit for terminations, so we can set it at 18 years and nine months after conception.

It was suggested by some on the left that those under 30 should have 2 votes as they had longer than pensioners to live with the outcome! Unsurprisingly, this was debated at length on the BBC. However, it seems that some students actually did get 2 votes:

My proposal is that everyone gets one vote then an additional vote every tax band you go up. In this way them as pays get more say.

Hmm, how 'bout only them that owns property be allowed to vote? Has sort of an old fashioned ring to it.

This Grenfell Tower fire is terrible. In a steel structure, how could it spread upward so fast?

How about as-late-as-you-like termination for the left?


As you'll be recalling I'm licensed in the NECA that its very likely I'd probably have to have some familiarity with the NFPA - which as it happens I actually am a lifetime member?

My guess would be a lack (or somehow a systemwide fail/fault) of the automatic shutdown in the ventilation systems.

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