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Monday, 19 June 2017


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27c is hot? A bit humid I'm guessing. Turn on the AC.

We don't 'do' AC 'over here', Whiters, we rely on the Memsahibs to act as punkah-wallahs! And yes, you're right, it seldom works!

Love that first one, David. A real laugh out loud cracker.

There was a time here in the American South when we natives could communicate with each other in easily understood terms...JK, can I get an 'amen'? Starting in the 1970s, a lot of odd people from "elsewhere" began retiring down here. That's when the confusion started.

That last one made me audibly laugh. Always cause for concern by my coworkers who think I am up to no good.

As though a nice gal like you, dear Miss Red, could ever get up to no good!

That is what I keep telling them! *batting eyelashes*

I tremble, Ma'am, I tremble!

Miss Red,

Just to cover protect your, how shall I say, assets my advice would be, "If you can't be good, be careful" :)

"I might have to emigrate to Mexico!"

Well David ... currently at Mexico's northernmost point the current temperature is 34° and rising ... you might want to consider moving instead to, oh I dunno, Ottawa mebbe?

Is that an Amen! I detect?

Or Maine, JK. Every summer here in the swampland I want to move to Maine.

Well I just don't rightly know Missred - nearabouts thirty year ago a sailor friend of mine sent me a postcard from Maine. Seems like it was nearabout Summertime too as best I recall.

The pichur fronting the postcard featured a "Dan'l Boone type feller" buckskin clad an' down to wearing a coonskin cap aholt of, at full arm's length above his shoulder, what, upon close inspection turned out to be a mosquito rather than'n what initially appeared to be a turkey.

An' iffin the skeeters in Maine are bigger'n than even the Arkansas rice-fields variety - well looks to me like wandering around Maine this time a year'd require bathing in DEET.

An' Arkies you probly heared - don't much cotton to bathing if'n it ain't nearer Christmas or somesuch.

So Missred I figure about all the realistic options we got is to keep buyin' them ten-pound blocks of ice an' setting on 'em. In place.

But. I'd agree that, just looking at a map - Maine does look fair good.

Say Missred while I got you on the line - You still got a line on that Topless Tuesday site?

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