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Sunday, 02 July 2017


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OK. Stop buying newspapers. Stop watching TV news. Avoid No 29 bus route. Etc. Try watching "Dinner Ladies" on Youtube.

Or that popular British baking show...

David, since you're a staunch traditionalist you might be inclined to try a truss.

I've seen this movie before.

Have you seen a doctor yet? Do you need a loan? Are you a glutton for punishment, David?

I just pop an SSRI and knock one out. Works wonders.

My doctor is a Norgie hottie, and since I've normally just paid her a visit when "SoD's glums remedy" goes into action, the scenario often features her taking lead role in the proceedings, moaning passionately, "EEA! EEA! Oh yes, I want you right there, in my European Economic Area", or similar in my ear.

Give it a try, and switch Theresa May out of the visuals and you might fare better.


Can't help with the pain, I'm afraid, David, or - which is probably more inhibiting and debilitating - the worry that if you move it will be painful, but be of good cheer over Brexit. Just look at the public figures associated with each side and ask yourself which side would you rather be on.The Tony Blair, John Major, Peter Mandelson, Alastair Campbell, Anna Soubry - well the list goes on and on, the slimy, subsidy dependent, let those nice people in Brussels make the decisions, however much it costs me (and benefits them); or the free born, buccaneering, proud to be an Englishman side?

@ BOE & Whiters: Actually I might try that "Love Island" on TV which I keep reading about. Sounds very, er, educational!

@ Bob: My 'Quack' already reminded me of those which, as I remember from the little adverts in various magazines from yesteryear, looked like torture implements!

@ Henry: Thanks for your concern but I am booked in for a pre-op assessment a week tomorrow and I hope the 'slice 'n' dice' will occur shortly there-after. By the way, it's at a private hospital which carries out work for the NHS and I believe it is owned by a conglomeration of American churches - hallelujah!

@ SoD: I shall tell, er, 'Fluffbun' about your deeply peculiar secret dreams!

@ Mike: Spot on, Mike, I feel better already!

"By the way, it's at a private hospital which carries out work for the NHS and I believe it is owned by a conglomeration of American churches - hallelujah!"

Well if they are Southern Baptists, they will also pray for you during your "tribulation". If they are Pentacostals and you get lucky, they may just "heal you" on the spot!

Though I was a pre-teen at the time, I recall that the book created a bit of a stir when published in 1954 (Françoise Sagan was only five years my senior). One reviewer wrote, "Bonjour, Tristesse, which has achieved remarkable celebrity by virtue of its subject-matter and its authoress's age, is a vulgar, sad little book".

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