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Monday, 17 July 2017


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It's Comrade Corbyn for you, sonny Jim, the Tories in the wilderness for the foreseeable, and no Maggie T to save the day.

"A boot stamping on the face of Blighty, forever".

But never mind, it's a Brit boot, so that's alright then.


I don't know much about young Master Jacob, but I thought his father hung the moon. His advice caused me to start nursing school, in the midst of the Great Bust in Texas, in the eighties. His overall prediction that debt-money would collapse has not come true, (Yet) but the economics of my career choice have worked miracles for me and my family.

I knew that they were Conservatives, but I was not aware that they were Roman Catholics, and rather serious about it, too.

Sod - I'm sure I'd prefer a rubber soled British boot to a German hobnail boot any day. At least the British one you can periodically vote to get it to stop.

Duffers - I don't think it was the decision to call an election which was so culpable but the excessively long & utterly abysmal campaign, for which May of course must take responsibility, but also the rest of the cabinet who apparently failed to notice the writing on the wall, and seem to have made no effort to get the show back on the road, presumably out of concern for their personal career prospects.

Well if their collective incompetence were to lead to a Corbyn government, their career prospects will end very abruptly indeed and will hundreds of thousands of others'.

Still, no laughing at the back there Sod - being in the EU has not saved us yet from various crap decisions taken by our own government, there's no reason to suppose that would change with a Corbyn government.

I can certainly remember what my opinion was. Recognizing that May, in negotiating Brexit, was going to need some extra under the wheel bus ready surplus members one can readily see why she took a chance. Given the terrible reputation enjoyed by Corbyn and the disunity within the Labour party this seemed a reasonable gamble at the time. If only she'd had time to squeeze in some likeability lessons from Hillary Clinton. Alas she did not. And relying on the superficial exterior of a well worn step proved to be uninspiring.

The rest, as they say, is KABOOM! I have to admit it's looking a bit like a Grecian play for Britain now. Presuming the conservatives manage to hold together long enough to even finish negotiating Brexit (Labour would be wise to see they do) this is virtually certain to cause economic disruption and fiscal problems. Presuming Brits are like everyone one else on the planet, they will proceed to throw the bums out. Prime Minister Corbyn rolls trippingly on the tongue does it not? Or would that be gaggingly from the throat?

The Tories could do worse than Jacob Rees-Mogg. He's the picture of a type of principled if primitive conservatism that might help rehabilitate the party. Until then enjoy British neo-Bolshevism.

Apologies David for not, keeping specifically abreast of all y'alls local pols but ... there's always "a keeper" whenever you mention Ye Olde Archivist remembering sompin or 'nother.

This'uns a gem in my humble opinion:

Its got it all ... Charge of the Light Brigade, Valley of Death &c.

Figure its why you keep me on the payroll even unto now.

(Same brown envelope? Delivered to my McLean Virginia NFCU account as usual?)

I'd pay more attention David but just now I'm preoccupied with keeping Seb Gorka atop his recent prognostications. An' heck, he's even worse than you David. Which says alot!

Nothing wrong with calling an election when you're 20 points clear. But first make sure your own party is ready, have a manifesto that sells, or at least is defensible, brief those sent out to defend it well in advance and amend it if they think that difficult, don't assume the opposition will attack you at your strongest point, run an online campaign. In short don't take victory for granted.
For the future, the government has enough votes to get its core program through, and if it doesn't get ambitious should survive five years. And a do little government suits fine the less follies de grandeur the better.
The Tories need a new leader for the next election though and they need to spend a good few months chewing over their opinions. As they proved with Mrs. May, appoint in haste, repent at leisure.

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