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Monday, 03 July 2017


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At least you're not dealing with anything like Trump. The US is leading in innovation once again.

It's true your foreign aid budget has increased by about 1/3, but it's still only 0.7% of GDP. That's more generous than the US, which gives less than 0.2%. However, we do a lot of military spending with good intentions toward the world. Sometimes. You military guys might be interested in the $13B USS Gerald Ford:

Neither of our countries is particularly generous as far as direct foreign aid as a percentage of GDP goes. Sweden gives relatively twice as much as Britain:

"The only good news is that if any of these plonkers actually summon up the courage to walk away from the Berlin-Brussels racket we will have a few spare 'squillions' to spend on ourselves!"

No we won't.


SoD, I've told you before, don't contradict your father!

Eh David ... familiar with the recent "language laws" in Canada?

Here's a more rational discusion of Canada's uhm ... "issue" David.

I doubt it. The British economy post Brexit is not likely to be either larger or to produce higher tax revenues than it would had it stayed in the EU. The only real debate is how big the ding will be. It is becoming increasingly clear that the cost benefit ratio favored Britain staying in the EU. The exit price is likely to be steep. Furthermore Britain will have to assume the health care costs for all its expats if it puts the same burden on resident aliens in Britain. My guess is the health care costs for all those retired expats is going to greatly exceed those of the much younger emigrants to Britain. Which means more tax revenue will be required but less will be available. And that's if the EU decides to play nice.

"Furthermore Britain will have to assume the health care costs for all its expats"

Blighty already pays the bill for ex-pat treatment received in EU states.

You're new to economics, aren't you?


Personally, I think it will be easy to cut a deal on expats. But then, not being American, I know that the EU is made up of 28 different countries. They will all prefer a deal be made, except Germany, who doesn't have any expats. Well they do, but they're all 3rd world migrants and at the moment, the disparate nations of the EU don't seem to want them.

Ah JK - you have mentioned my God. Jordan Peterson, the only sane man in Canada :-).

He has only come into conflict with the SJW's because he speaks truth, reason and logic. His YouTube video about Bill C16 was a masterpiece, and pointed up how it contradicted itself. Anyone who thinks Bill C16 will protect Transgender people is sadly mistaken....

You think that the paltry sum you provide to Spain covers the costs of those resident expat retirees in their hundreds of thousands? I think they know otherwise. But I guess you are going to find out aren't you? In a sense the Brexiters were right about spending hundreds of millions of more pounds on the NHS. They won't have a choice. And that, btw, is not my economic analysis. That's the opinion of your own economists.

OT, but thought you would be interested:

Thanks, WF, I had assumed the worst. Her fighting spirit makes me feel ashamed of my whingeing about my hernia!

Boy did that link from WF remind me of that old joke about the restaurant critic who bitched about a restaurant's decor, staff and food. And concluded with the criticism that the portions were too small. Too bad those despicable health care workers weren't staunch conservatives. They'd have known to condemn her to death because she smoked.

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