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Thursday, 06 July 2017


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It has started already by Mr. Ayyadurai challenging 'Fauxcahontas' to undergo a DNA blood test. She refused - why am I not surprised?

Not surprising at all. Should have already been done, especially given the price of having one done.

Had mine done, 79.3 British - 16.3 Iberian - 4.4 Finnish.

Uppers, that's a nice spread there! I'm pleased to report my British is high enough I don't have to bother with much of that Viking seasoning.

As far as "Princess Running Bare", every time I see her in that "outrage mode" with index finger poking upward, and eyes and mouth fully engaged...I get the feeling all she needs is a black frock coat and a hammer and sickle banner waving in the back ground.

Well now for something completely different what! I'm not sure this is likely to be a productive strategy however. If I understand correctly she stands accused of being white. And possibly even female. These are serious burden to carry into an election in America no doubt.


It certainly came as a surprise to me. Not really though. I'd been thinking and telling everyone I'm 100% native American. Would receive the odd looks followed by the inevitable "you don't look Indian". And my response would be to assure them I'm not Indian nor did I at anytime claim to be Indian. Then go on to explain being born here qualifies as native American, at least in my opinion.

Nearly everyone whose genealogy in the South reaches back into the seventeenth century has some Indigenous folk hanging in the family tree. I have not had my genes tested, but we know of some connections, just from family history. It's never been considered an impediment, whatever the Left says. Certainly people in Oklahoma have tons of Indigenous connections. The ridiculous part is that the Marxists try, once again, to force reality into that bicameral box. There were Indigenous who got swindled in land deals, and others who became fabulously wealthy ranchers.To make Indigenous people into proles takes a real stretch of imagination. Certainly that great Democrat Andrew Jackson did favors for several friends, when he forced hundreds of thousands of Indigenous off lands in Georgia, the Carolinas, Alabama and Mississippi, onto the Trail of Tears toward Oklahoma, and awarded those lands to his cronies. I know families who still resent that robbery, and others whose great-greats benefitted thereby. (In rich irony, some of them were Indigenous, too.)

BTW, PG, the problem with Warren is that she claimed proletarian creds to get scholarships and jobs; she used those creds to get ahead of more proletarian competitors. It might be silly to provide affirmative action advantages to anyone, but for Elizabeth Warren to use these bonus points is so deeply dishonest, it ought to make her Democrat colleagues ashamed, but, of course, it won't.

David, David, David, sweetie darling...

You are SOOOO politically incorrect that I really don't know what to do with you. The key factor here is that Elizabeth Warren IDENTFIES as a Red Indian, so that is clearly what she is. Rachel Dolezal, who is often foolishly mistaken for a fair skinned blonde of Nordic origins is another case in point, for she is in fact black. Why? Because she identifies as such!

Sometimes, you are so Nineteenth Century that I really despair.


Michael, odd you should mention Jackson, the Cherokees and the trail of tears. My Mother-in-Law was born-1906- and raised in one of the gathering sites for western North Carolina called Fort Hembree...

The town is Hayesville, NC where her g-grandparents and a few other families began settling the county right at that time. There are still lots of Cherokee in that region and they and their land are known as The Eastern Band or Qualla I believe in native language. They frequently intermarried with white settlers.

Uppers, that is a good take on being native American. I might use that. Reminds me of an ER doctor I knew who was a white native of South Africa. He would teasingly refer to himself as the only African American in the Hospital. And he was right!


RE:Intermarriage. And why not? The Indigenous were farmers and Christian. Where would there be an impediment? When Federal troops and local deputies threw farmers out of the farms that they had built with their own hands, the dispossessed often left behind chickens and milk cows, and beneficiaries of Jackson's largess came in, mid day, and gathered the eggs and milked the same cows.

It was a strange thing, but true, that "Indian" in the nineteenth century meant different things, depending on context. Everyone has heard of "Indian giving." This was not so much a racial slur as the result of misunderstanding of what was given and what was merely leant. Indian herbal medicines were much sought-after, being thought more effective than European cures. Usually there was little science behind either one, but people could get quite desperate, if a loved one was ill. OTOH, Indian tenure or Indian title referred to land that was not recorded at the court house, which would have required the owner to pay taxes on it. The Indigenous who did have such titles, kept their lands. Those who followed the older custom of use-tenure, lost theirs.

My wife commented, not long after we married, that my grandparents had gardens in which they grew vegetables, most of which had been grown, on nearly the same sites,(in Northeast Texas) as the indigenous people who had lived there a couple of centuries earlier.

My point is simply that being Indigenous is not a big thing. Some were very badly treated by the Democrat government, others prospered, one way or another, and no reparations nor other special benefits are needed.

For twenty years, I was a member of the Knee-jerk Liberal church, AKA, Congregational church.The pastor for several years was from Japan, so all he knew about America was what he had read in Left-wing propaganda. Every October, he had us stand up and confess our sins against the poor Native Americans. Congregationalists tend to be concentrated in the Northeast, and the Midwestern places which settled, spread westward from there. A couple of us who were of a more Southerly extraction were rather incensed, so we let it be known, by back-channels, of course, not wanting him to lose face, that he next time he did that, several of us would then stand up and announce that we forgave them, and hoped that they had learned their lesson,and would not oppress us again. We never had to endure that rigamarole again.

It really is very sad that anybody could give a shit.


Oh God, that's funny, 'SoD'! With Jezza's crew around we could do with Monty Python again!

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