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Wednesday, 05 July 2017


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Wonderful quotes indeed but not one of which justifies the characterization of events as a mutiny or even that such was contemplated. Which of these indicates that any of them planned to do anything in defiance of Roosevelt's orders? You said you were surprised to learn that there was practically a coup. There's no evidence presented here that such a thing was ever a reality. Or more importantly that a majority of his cabinet or his military staff stood in opposition of FDR except on individual points. And if you bothered to read other biographies of FDR you would discover they often disagreed with each other as much or more than they disagreed with the president.

Now if you really want to see a sharply divided cabinet pretending to be unified check out your current government.

Oh, dear. Is Peter G one of ours?

You Brits can say the snarkiest things and still sound civil. That ability seems to have been thrown overboard during the Atlantic crossing.OTOH, the real Commies, of whatever origin, sound pretty nasty in whatever accent.

Peter G may be a lot of things but he is not ignorant. If I wanted to be mean then I would have pointed out that quotes from an author rather than a historical source do not constitute proof that he is right. They are merely unsupported assertions that he is. Poetic license should be restricted to poety. It has no place in histories that purport to be historically accurate. I have no doubt the author said things but if this is what passes for evidence that FDR faced a mutiny it is what I believe Brits call weak tea.

By the way, the argument in favor of an early intervention in Europe was in itself sound. The collapse of the Soviet Union looked imminent in mid '42. Had that occurred then Germany could have transferred all the troops and resources neccessary to make a later invasion a bloody thing indeed. It was bad enough. The solution was material support for the Soviet Union via the Murmansk run and through Iran. In this Churchill concurred and it was at this point he urged Stalin to talk to Hopkins because his own British service chiefs opposed sending anything from Britain. To be fair they needed every shell, bullet and plane they could get. Here I will recommend the very scholarly and well documented work Churchill and the Soviet Union by Martin Kitchen. I don't know if it is still in print.

"If I wanted to be mean then I would have pointed out that quotes from an author rather than a historical source do not constitute proof that he is right"

So, Peter, direct quotes from Robert Sherwood, Forrest Progue and **Stimson's own private diary** are not good enough for you! Ah well, 'there's none so blind as them wot don't want to see'!

Finally, Peter's very own assertion that "Peter G may be a lot of things but he is not ignorant" is simply too, too delicious. Might I suggest, Peter, that you save it as an inscription for your grave stone?

In the meantime, provided I feel well enough, stand by for more incoming later on!

JK, thanks for those two links to which I will listen with interest.

Obviously I did not say that. But if feeling very blue translates into imminent mutiny then such no doubt is in the offing everywhere. I guess that's why FDR was the Commander in Chief. He didn't need the approval of either Marshal or King. If you had to read this book to discover these events then you need to read more. You could have just read Wikipedia. Or any other history or biography of FDR. So, no mutiny, no evidence that any cabal existed that contemplated mutiny or declining to obey a direct order from the president? Everybody obeyed their Commander in Chief. Which seems to be what they always do. In other words gross exaggeration.

Is everything you read a revelation that everything you read before was wrong? It is starting to look that way. Have you no critical faculty? Or is every thing you read the best thing evah!

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