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Tuesday, 04 July 2017


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My flag is flying: My coffee is hot. Remember, we drink coffee because the King was mucking about with the tea supply. Reading about the run-up to the War of Revolution, I am constantly struck by the pecuniary interests of the Crown, as motives for so many of the Government's abuses. e.g.Pennsylvania was working up to abolish slavery, but the King was elbow-deep in that muck, so he refused his assent to their law. These monetary considerations peek out at us from every reading of the Bill of Rights, and of the Declaration. We so often forget, tyranny may start large, but it grinds down to the smallest, most ignoble details.Sometimes, of course, it ends there, too. Stalin was robbing banks to support the Bolshevik party, but, in the last days of the USSR, the corruption was so much a part of the structure of the Communist government that virtually everyone was involved in it.

Happy Fourth!

Thank you David. We have much to remember about our own founding as well as the eternal vigilance it takes to preserve our own Liberty. Too many take too much for granted. We have become complacent.

Yesterday, I took the liberty of a day of bass fishing!

Cheers, David. You might be surprised to know a European country also celebrates the American 4th of July:

"Since 1912, thousands of Danes have congregated in a national park to picnic before Old Glory, listen to speeches from American dignitaries, watch fireworks, and sing favorites such as “Home on the Range” and “Stars and Stripes Forever.” It’s called Rebildfesten, and organizers say it’s the largest – and perhaps the only – official celebration of the American holiday by foreigners."

Remembrance in Spacetime: Liberty

"The displaced persons had boarded the General J. H. McRae (AP-149), an American Army transport, in early October 1949 at Bremerhaven on the North coast of General Eisenhower's American Occupation Zone. The North Atlantic was stormy that October and its crossing took about two weeks. It was a nightmare.

At the end of the second week of the hellish crossing, the mother scored a jackpot. Though she was a seasick, kerchief-wearing refugee she was, nevertheless, a pretty young woman, and she charmed a ship's officer into giving her a single tablet of Dramamine. She shared it with her son on the deck of the General McRae. The father, as usual, bore his misery stoically. After swallowing the half-tablet, the child's queasiness lifted, as did the morning haze.

And there she was. With torch held high, she beckoned to the ship's human cargo as the General McRae steamed into New York Harbor. She was beautiful, just as they had imagined she would be.

It was United Nations Day in America: October 24, 1949. But it might as well have been the Fourth of July. For the immigrant survivors, it was, as we continued to celebrate it annually, our Day of Liberty."

And if anyone knew how to stage a disaster it was Churchill. See Gallipoli. I think your source may have greatly exaggerated the debate insicde the American military. By the time July and August of 42 had rolled around the cream of the Japanese air craft carrier fleet and its nearly irreplaceable pilots were rendered permanently soggy at the Battle of Midway. The war with Japan was thereafter a foregone if bloody conclusion. The US was then in no position whatsoever to immediately prosecute a war with Japan because the ships required to do it were not yet built. Ordered certainly, but not built. What were they going to do? Throw rocks at Japan? Walk across the ocean?

And yet the US had the resources and industrial capability to not only build all the material to prosecute the war in both the east and the west but to supply allies like Russia as well simultaneously. Which they did.

This leads me to conclude that your source is full of some sort of fecal matter. None of the gentlemen named were known to be idiots and the military professionals were certainly aware that the US could do little immediately in either theater but could easily manage both once the necessary resources were brought to bear. Which, like I said, they did.

This is not to say the situation has not changed. I am quite convinced that under a president Trump, you'd be hanging out to dry while they put America first.

Peter, you are in danger of embarrassing yourself! No-one with half an idea of Winston Churchill would be unaware that both his virtues and faults were enormous.

As to the near mutiny in 1942, I would urge you to read the book before pontificating. The vast majority of Hamilton's quotes are taken from *Stimson's own diaries* and he was the leader of the putative revolt. Fortunately, Gen. Marshall, who was equally vehement in opposing FDR's North Africa landings eventually swallowed his pride, remembered his duty and fell into line.

None of that is to brand those men as "idiots". War is an uncertain business. Nevertheless, FDR (and Churchill) were right to choose North Africa for an invasion which would at least stand a reasonable chance of success - as opposed to a cross-Channel invasion which stood no chance whatsoever - as your Canadian soldiers found out at Dieppe!

Now be a good fellow and try to keep an open mind - and read some books!

Well David I don't think so. Seeing as FDR was already doing everything he could do legally and them some before a declaration of war the issue was never in doubt. I think your source was full of crap. There was never any incipient revolution among his cabinet. In fact the only source of any such potential revolution was limited to Prescott Bush and his crowd of loonies. Any military officer too dumb to see that the US could not fight a war across the Atlantic and thus the need to secure Britain was both immediately doable and absolutely neccessary, probably should have been cashiered. Nigel seems to think most of those people were stupid. They were not.

I've read lots of books David. Try not believing everything you read even when it is obviously baloney as our American friends would say.

According to the Left, we don't need no stinkin' nuance. It's just propaganda 24/7.

"doing everything he could"

"the issue was never in doubt"

"your source was full of crap"

"never any incipient revolution"

"his crowd of loonies"

"it is obviously baloney"


Your description might be that of a young Muslin family escaping tyranny and abuse, and arriving into the warm embrace of Lady Liberty.

Except, of course, it can't be.

Celebrating Liberty in America today is confusion at best, contradiction at worst, and everything in between - tinged with sadness.


The Big Henry, that's very well written, I thought. It has led me to your blog which I have bookmarked for future reading. Thank you.

Henry does know some attractive young women! The blog text ain't bad either.

It is of course the text that I am interested in.......

"there was no storm and nor did it take place on the 4th July"

Surely that should be "nor did it NOT take place on 4th July"

I think PeterG it is fairly normal for senior commanders to disagree vehemently about strategy. It is generally much worse when they don't.

The same goes for politicians. And of course there is a lot of overlap.

Doesn't make them idiots.

Plus what SoD said. Sadly very true.

Strategy is one thing Cuffleyburgers, reason is another. The main problem with popular histories of anything is that the author generally has to depart from orthodoxy in order to distinguish themselves from other writers on that subject. Parenthetically, if you want to read a good book on FDR I'd recommend Conrad Black's Champion of Freedom.

So my beef with Nigel is simply this, extraordinary claims require extraordinary proof. And his claim that a majority or even a significant number of the people serving under Roosevelt in and out of uniform were contemplating committing treason certainly qualifies as an extraordinary claim. Did the author use a Ouija board to poll the gentlemen in question? Or were there extensive personal writings by them discussing their intent to commit treason? You'd need quite a lot of that sort of stuff to make this case.

I don't think FDR needed to stare down any one of these people. He could just fire them.

SoD, mike fowle, Whitewall, et al.,

The vignette that I posted is a reminiscence of my arrival in America the Beautiful on October 24, 1949. I was seven years old at the time and my Mom was a pretty 31-year-old woman. Below is a photo my Dad took of us (a few months later) in Manhattan's Riverside Park by the Hudson:

What an image.

The little boy reaching up for help to Lady Liberty, Mother to us all; she teases him slightly with folded arms, but the smile gives it away: There is no wall over which she will not carry him.

Pause needed due to severe onset of upper-lip wobblitis.



Yeah, I was her "Sunshine".

She died exactly 49 years after that pic was taken. I miss her still ...

Henry, one of these days you must fill us all in with the back story as to how you arrived in America.


Long story short ...

In September of 1939, my parents were newlyweds in Warsaw, Poland. They survived the Nazi bombing and invasion of Warsaw. They made the extremely prescient decision to head for the hinterlands where I was born several years later. Did I mention they were newlyweds? Though they never admitted it to me, I was clearly an accident.

When the Russian armies drove the Nazis out of Poland, my Dad risked a trip to Warsaw, where he learned that all of his and my Mom's families had perished in the Treblinka Nazi extermination camp. He returned to where my Mom and I were hiding and told my Mom we had to get out of Poland and head towards the Anglo-American occupation forces in Western Germany.

General Eisenhower's armies welcomed us as displaced persons (DPs). We were cared for by the Americans in a series of DP camps in the American Occupation Zone (AOZ) for about 3 years, intending to immigrate to Israel.

Then in 1948 Israel's war of independence erupted, and my parents changed their plan. They decided to immigrate to America. Legally.

President Truman's administration persuaded Congress to expedite the immigration of DP survivors of the Holocaust. Nevertheless, it still took over a year before we were given our Green Cards and passage to America on the General J. H. McRae American Army troop ship.

Here is my Green Card ID photo:

Henry, thanks for sharing.

Thank you for your interest, Robert.

Henry, your parents were obviously exceedingly intelligent as well as brave. Both you and they actually lived through the worst of history but survived. Perhaps there is a God!

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