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Tuesday, 08 August 2017


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Jeez, you'd have thought there'd be a law against that.

I mean, that nice Mr Juncker has sent us GDPR, a comprehensive data protection law that will keep my consultancy (aka the beer and jollies fund) nicely stocked up, it'll make Y2K look like the price of a second class postage stamp - and before you say "what about the B word?" the law goes live next year before we leave, so the UK must comply. And when the great repeal bill goes through a year later, and the UK rewrites the act to Britify it, I get to consult the clients and bill the effing lot all over again! £350 mill a week on the NHS anyone? Not bloody likely while SoD's about. There had to be an upside to the B word.

Maybe Canada could join the EU and get an off-the-shelf solution to it's data protection and privacy problem? I'd do a cheap deal if they throw the price of the flights in. I mean, billing it three times really would be taking the piss.


Canada's not alone. There's plenty of similar freeware everywhere. Most of it is just more furtive. For example, you're better off with no VPN than free VPN that makes you the product.

Every operating system for every device that's connected to the web or phone system (soon to be replaced by the web) can be hacked and/or monitored. That includes everything from smart TV's and watches to refrigerators and doorbell cameras. Bots can spread false information on social media on massive scales. The owners of social media are also not above trying to assert a measure of control:

In the US older forms of communication such as AM radio and local broadcast TV are used as cheap outlets for propaganda. PR has played a major role in forming public opinion since the 1930's. Don't forget to read Huxley too.

They are almost as stupid as Brits who allow their government to know where they live, all the details of the health through NHS, what vehicles they drive and where. In fact the British government even knows where to send your pension check don't they David? But at least those Canucks weren't stupid enough to put cameras everywhere that can feed facial recognition software and thus track your movements in real time even if you don't own a cell phone.

Not only do you get to double bill, SoD, you get to sell a bill of goods twice. Protecting Windows Server is probably impossible:

They are almost as stupid as Brits who allow their government to know where they live

And you think the Canadian Government doesn't know? Vehicle registration, driver's licence, taxation returns, local government rates, electoral roles, social welfare records just to mention a few of the means of "the authorities" finding you or knowing where you may be.

You are either naive, dumb or just being abusive to our Brit host. In my old service you are known as a WOFTAM.

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