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Sunday, 13 August 2017


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Rees-Mogg appears to be a tall lanky gent. Wiki describes him as " of the Conservatives' most rebellious MPs." I like that notion but Conservative and rebellious don't often go together in one sentence.

He reminds me of Sir Alec Douglas-Home. Tall, thin and aristocratic. Douglas-Home entered the 1963 election well behind and then very nearly won! Perhaps the British prefer aristocrats.

Now that must have stung a bit. Home truths often do but, day by day, it is becoming clearer that the Brexiters had not the slightest idea of what they were babbling about. They certainly did not understand the complexity of what they were trying to achieve and still don't. So they continue to babble about applying their stiff upper lips to the grindstone as if wishing really really hard for something made it come true. It is fun to watch. I saw a sticker on the back of a riot policeman's helmet in a photo at Politico. It said simply: stupid should hurt. Well I think it is going to hurt quite a lot.

"Perhaps the British prefer aristocrats". Well, there is some history.

Rees-Mogg in charge would catalyse a split in the Tories ...

... and that would be the best thing ever.

Mogg's party would constitute the swivel-eyed rightist loons, absorbing Ukip with its ex-BNP membership and the country-bumpkin brigade: The nasty party on steroids - and, like UKIP of old, permanent electoral oblivion would be their primary and permanent characteristic.

The left-hand end of the Tory party split would be able to claim the "We're not the nasty party" mantle again, and point voters at Mogg's eye-swivellers as proof. Even Mogg himself looks like a freak of nature, completely repellent to anyone born after 1945.

This is what made the Tories electable under Dave & George: Having Ukip as the demonstrably nasty party to suck out all their poison for the voters.

The left split-off of the Tory party would hoover up those folks terrified of both Corbyn and the swivel-eyed loons, and who see the Lib-Dems for what they are: A waste of carbon.

The single biggest blow May made to the Tory party is the move right to knock-out Ukip. With that she plonked her fat arse and that of the Tories on the unelectable nasty party throne. The recent election result corroborates this completely: Even a hard-on Marxist was touch and go with May's proposition of pandering to the swivel-eyed in the eyes of the electorate.

A centre party with Libertarian values: Small state principled, deficit reduction prioritized, social done by income support rather than state projects and institutions, pro the biggest single market on the planet.

Is it too much to ask for?


Has Mrs May really got a fat bottom? I would thought she was a bit skinny in buttocks.

Happily, BOE, I am not qualified to undertake a close inspection of Mrs. May's bottom!

As for the 'Mogg-man', the more I read of the late Lord Salisbury the more I wonder if perhaps there is a lineal link between the two families.

Well pompous as usual you think you know it all and then show by your comments that actually you really have very little idea what you're talking about, but you like dishing out your insults so if that makes you happy, that's great.

The brexit vote was essentially a people saying we've seen enough of this and we don't like it and we are up for a change.

Trying to associate reasons is pretty arbitrary process as every voter as they do in every election had his hers or its own set of reasons and priorities.

The outcome was that the political class in the uk for the first time in well over a generation had to do some proper politicking which can only be a good thing. Generally these bottom feeders largely do harm when they don't have big decisions to take and that is the trouble with the eu in general. 27 bald men fighting over combs while the unelected so-called elite in brussels feathers its own nest and their friends' and collaborators at our expense. It's a great system for the quislings.

I think it is fair to say that the uk negotiating team haven't covered themselves with glory in the opening exchanges, a very British approach to warfare. However it was always likely thet wouldn't as the ground is not of their choosing.

My view is that once the Germans' election is out of the way wiser counsels on all sides will start to prevail and I still believe that a transitional EEA type solution will be found. Unfortunately it would seem the tories have made that politically a little more difficult that would otherwise have been necessary but equally it is not necessarily obvious that making your desired or acceptable aim clear from the start is a winning tactic.

Duffers old chap you will accuse me once again of being irredeemably optimistic, but my touchstone is things are rarely as fantastic or as crap as they seem.

No, no, Cuffers, I'm all for a dash of optimism. No-one, least of all our, er, expert visitor from Canada knows how it will all end. However, I do not expect even a modicum of friendly or sensible deal-making from our fanatical European ex-colleagues. They detested us long before our vote and now they hate us with a vengeance because if we succeed in breaking away, their monstrous gravy-train will likely come off the rails.

Sometime during the night I was listening to the BBC World Service and a report from Athens. The situation there is almost beyond description with mass destitution, buildings actually crumbling because no-one can repair them and hope for the future is non-existent. "Oh brave new world" - not!

While Corbyn is considered beyond the pale within the confines of this blog, the wider world might see him differently:

Political sea change is possible in both the UK and US.

Bob, really, I expect better of you! For a start no-one places any trust in polls anymore, least of all YouGov whose final poll before the last election stated:

"Final call poll: Tories lead by seven points and set to increase majority"

Yeeeees, quite!

And by the way, Corbyn should, and is, considered "beyond the pale" far outside the confines of this blog. His refusal to criticise Maduro in Venezuela is but merely the last of his very many lick-spittle attitudes to mass killers round the world and back in history.

David, polls certainly have limits, but you'd probably agree both Cameron and May have given the public reasons to be skeptical about conservatives.

Well, Bob, you would have to search long and hard on this blog for an enthusiastic endorsement of either Cameron or May. Even so, they do not compare in any way with the evil that Corbyn & Co represent - and I do mean 'evil'!

Eh Bob, you'd pay good money for a fair good archivist?

Careful there David, there's even more enthusiasm where that came from.

David, really, I expect you'd be consistent concerning the GBP (Great British Public) - dread words!

JK, hindsight is 20/20 even for David. Who'da guessed?

Dave Cam was the best thing since Maggie.

Growth 3.2%, deficit reducing, austerity sustained, pro the biggest single market on the planet, pound strong, inflation near zero.

The degree of delusion and confusion in Brit hoi-poloi today is utterly astounding. Only the enormous self-harm unleashed and in its infancy at the moment might present a wake up call. But I'm not even sure about that. 27% of Remainers would endorse throwing out all EU citizens, and 34% of Leavers would accept no restriction on immigration ...

I mean, wtf is that all about if it's not utter derangement right down to the individual hoi-poloi?

Bring back the elites, please, I've had quite enough of this mob rule shee-it.


Thanks Duffers.

Having read your bit about Mr Parris' sexual preference I arrived at -


I now have to clean the coffee off the screen.

I see "Pompous Grandus" is back to enlighten us poor plebs and spread his vast knowledge of just about everything.

Yep you can sure see why the French-German alliance fears to take tens of billions in alimony from Britain. But doesn't that raise the question of why you are going to pay it? Is it your innate generosity perhaps? Something tells me it has a great deal more to do with who needs access to whose markets in order to survive economically. You are right to say I do not know how badly this will end. Could be a precipitous collapse. Could be a slow asphyxiation as foreign investment in Europe goes to (ahem) Europe rather than No Longer Europe. And seeing as those darned Europeans will be making all the regulatory decisions themselves it could be either. What you ask could the Europeans have to gain from British pain? Why all the businesses you used to have. All the capital that used to go to London. And your lunch money.

Um Cuffley can I confide in you? It seems that quite a lot of Brexiters actually believed the bullshit they were told. And by golly quite an impressive percentage of them are Conservatives. Now what do you suppose they are going to do when it is explained to them that not only will they be paying amazing sums of money to get out of the EU but that the the EJC will still be the supreme authority on all the issues Britain will be obligated to comply with in order to maintain market access in the EU. And it's not just the EU as a group that can confound you. Want control of your own borders do you? Well so does Spain. What are you going to do if they decide to close their border with Gibraltar? Write an angry blog post? There are a million ways Britain can get fucked by Brexit and no way to win. But it never was about economics to the hard core Brexiters was it? It was about being masters in your own house right? Well and Scotland's house and Northern Ireland's house. Gee I hope they don't get any ideas of being masters in their houses! This could get ugly. It is never going to be pretty.

It was about being masters in your own house right?

You have a problem with the people of a nation wanting to make their own decisions about how the nation is governed and the rules/legislation that control its activities?

Perhaps you should just erase the border between the US and Canada and let Washington make all the decisions about your future. Can't see a problem there. Same principle.

SoD, Cameron was the most prominent conservative gambler to endorse the Brexit referendum. You should be the last person to defend him or pine for the return of somewhat less than elite authority. Which of us is more confused?

I know it is difficult for Canadians to understand, but we haven't agreed to pay anything to the EU.

JK, not being an ideological extremist, I am always glad to give credit where credit is due. Cameron was not a bad man, just a rather poor prime minister. There have been worse and no doubt there will be worse in the future. Alas, perfection is hard to find anywhere, in politics it's scarcer than gold!

Dave Cam stood by his principles, which were: small state, fiscal prudence, the single market, and staying in the hot air war with the euros. He brought us recovery from the crash, prosperity, and the best deal on the table from the EU compared to all the other 27 states.

The Brit hoi-poloi stabbed him in the back and have sealed their own doom. Just as the Tory party did to Thatcher. A generation of isolation, decline, and agony was the price for the Tory party, and it'll be the same for the Brit hoi-poloi.

No leader will be able to marshal the deluded, confused, fearful and cowardly mob that is Blighty's hoi-poloi today. A "whiff of grapeshot" is what they need, Bonaparte stylee.


Writing as an Englishman, I would like to help out SoD and the Canadian.

Gibraltar. Don't give a shit! Let them negotiate a deal with the Spaniards.

Ireland. Their problem, not ours. They are in the EU, we won't be.

Northern Ireland. Feel free to negotiate with the Irish. But then you'll have to negotiate with us.

Scotland. Give them another referendum - but make it UK-wide.

EU. We leave on the due date - fixed by their treaty. Make us an offer.

Oh we're past that now envelope. The discussion now is about how much. But I take your point. When your government is forced to agree as they have essentially admitted they will they'll be hell to pay as well as Breximony. I mean what are you going to do? Refuse to eat until you turn thin? And what will you do about Scotland if they decide to have a referendum and not allow you to vote? About that Irish border? You need it to be open I understand. So how are you going to stop anybody free to travel in Europe from going there and walking across into Northern Ireland. I mean you couldn't even keep the Irish from doing that. Once refugees have landed there what are you going to do with them? It's not like you can force them on anybody else can you? What you've got to look forward dear Brexiters is a steady diet of canned worms. Every one of which you opened yourselves. Bon appetit!

SoD, Cameron also had uninformed faith in democracy; "uninformed" being the definition of "faith" in anything. He was rather like our Democrats, who decided to run a pro-Wall Street, baggage-heavy candidate apparently ignorant of a substantial number of Americans' concerns. Style points for "hoi polloi", however.

Ireland and the UK have a Common Travel Area agreement that pre-dates the EU. This allows the Irish and British to travel without a visa in each other's countries. I realise that this might not be well known in Canada. The rules on trade will be a problem - for the Irish.

Money. I understand we haven't agreed to anything. The EU have mumbled about various amounts and we have asked them for the legal justification. As far as refugees are concerned, the Dublin Agreement is an extra-EU deal, so we just send them back to Ireland. Don't you Canadians know anything?

As far as border controls in general are concerned, the Europeans have had unofficial controls for many years. I remember driving from Germany into Belgium and a couple of miles into Belgium there was a police road block and half a dozen carloads of brown people waiting for something. Have you ever been to Europe?

So having ditched "Juncker-the-Drunker" for sober horizons, we discover our new glorious leader is fond of a tipple and a bit of bullying and abuse also: -

"Juncker-the-Drunker" and "Davis-the-Dipso".

The divine symmetry of power, reflected identically in all its incarnations.


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