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Saturday, 05 August 2017


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If the Tory party has a member who knows how to pull off a proper Brexit, then he or she should step forward. Not possible because no one has ever done it. Labor sure as hell doesn't. Their goal is as it always has been, its grimy Marxist hands around Britain's throat. For them no higher goal exists. Well, that's how I read it from over here.

If the Remainers in Labour get a commitment from Corbyn to remain in the EEA, Corbyn will get in with a stonking majority. The irony will be he won't be able to do a fraction of the things he wants to because the EEA rules and regs will prevent it. An EU-fettered Corbyn in power would still be better than being the global village idiot and clown under KBO, and the electorate know it. Result.

If both parties persist in hard Brexit, it'll be hung again, one way or the other, and KBO = global village idiot / clown status will continue. Bad news. But this is unlikely, because ...

... the economy, stupid. As the news worsens and the shocks hit home, the unions and big business will grasp the nuts of their respective parties and squeeze in direct proportion to that which is required to flip them into soft Brexit, that is, the EEA. By the next election both parties could be for a soft Brexit.. Result.

So enjoy your 15 minutes of fame, dragging the country through the mire of your KBO masochism, making us the global village idiot and clown. It won't be for long.


Christ, here's another stunning example of Brexiteer media lies and hypocrisy ...

Leo effing McKinstry.

The very border controls that he and his ilk endorsed to "take back control" and get a grip on terrorism are duly implemented - and suddenly become the bane of his life. And he blames it on EU "punishment" of Britain, even though the rules apply to all EU countries outside Schengen and were made long before the Brexit vote.

Remember the grainy 1950's TV interviews of ex-SS and Nazi party volks in the World at War series and other documentaries, where they sit there all po-faced, bemoaning how they were brainwashed, and blathering, "We didn't know what was really going on"?

Well when this human calamity finally resolves itself out for the better, there'll be more than a few video-selfies of po-faced country-bumpkins sat on couches with their bookcases in the background (that did them little good), fessing up to having been duped and wondering why, "We didn't know what was really going on".

Well Leo effing McKinstry and his ilk are why.


That's certainly one way of looking at it? If the current government miraculously persists in the face of ongoing Brexit economic bad news and uncertainty the GBP are bound to blame the party that isn't governing right? Because the GBP as you call it always blames the party not in power. Me I'd rather be in the position of the Labour Party. They get to snipe at the Conservative Party and question every Brexit decision (and don't forget those concessions) while the Conservatives carry on their internal civil war. Your quote is attributed to Winston but it sounds a lot like what Captain Edward J Smith might have said. Just Sayin' old bean.

SoD, you can call me a "country bumpkin", if it helps to bring your blood pressure down, but if you continue to liken me to SS and/or Nazis you will get my country boot up your arse!

'Keep Buggering On'

If you were being unkind you would say it was a recollection from his days as First Sea Lord.

Vince lays a cable on the Brexiteers ...

' "The old have comprehensively shafted the young," added Sir Vince. "And the old have had the last word about Brexit, imposing a world view coloured by nostalgia for an imperial past on a younger generation much more comfortable with modern Europe." '

' Writing in the Mail on Sunday, the Lib Dem leader accused the over-65s of being "self-declared martyrs" who claim leaving the EU is worth the cost. '

' "The martyrdom of the old comes cheap," he said, as less have jobs to lose and living standards are protected by the triple lock on pensions. '

' "For the Brexit martyrs, paradise beckons," he added. '


Well,AussieD, he did say that all you matelots wanted was 'rum, bum and baccy'!

So, SoD, according to the leader of the 'Liberal Democrats'(!), a majority vote by a population is invalid if the elderly have taken part. It's that sort of keen thinking that reduces a party to barely double figures in parliament. Oooh look, the LibDems have just 12 - which is 12 more than they deserve!

' "The old have comprehensively shafted the young," added Sir Vince. "And the old have had the last word about Brexit, imposing a world view coloured by nostalgia for an imperial past on a younger generation much more comfortable with modern Europe." '

This "modern Europe" is an illusion. The major players appear to have struck a Faustian Bargain with Islam whereby Muslims flow into Europe gradually replacing the native population. The elites and their money men will run their modern economies while Western values die off and Islam takes hold. Sort of a corporate Sharia. "Modern Europe" is essentially standing dead.

The warning for Great Britain is to remember the way back via the old ways. Keep old books and libraries. These things outlast old people. When Islam comes to collect, Britain will have access to what works.

Sod - do us a favour... vince? For gawds sake.

As it happens though I agree with you about the EEA and I strongly suspect that having exhausted all other possibilities that is where we'll end up..

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