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Tuesday, 08 August 2017


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Macron seems like such a nice boy with an fine wife/mother. He did manage to find his stones a while back and gave a talk to someone about the eternal problems of Africa and Africans. He mentioned mothers with seven or eight babies and things like that. For some reason, that little talk caused uproar among the proper European types whose job it is to up and roar when called upon. Meaning he spoke the truth.

Definition of depression by example: Bill Clinton and Donald Trump are the same age and each is married. Donald to Melania and Bill to...well you see.

The GILF and MILF.


Took me a bit to work out 'GILF' but now I have it - very witty, Wilde!

And don't tell me if she said "I want to sit on your face while you hum the Marseillaise" you wouldn't be past "Aux armes, Citoyens!" and into the chorus before you can say "Sans culottes".

Right, that's enough dirty old man, objectification on the lunch break. You can call HR if you want, but at the client I'm working at just now HR is hot-hot-hot, so I won't stop you!


Honestly, SoD, who brought you up?

Oh, er, I just remembered . . .

Actually GILF I'd rather not...

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