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Monday, 07 August 2017


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I have always liked Minnesota, been there many times. The winter is uncomfy. Interesting mix of Nordics, Germans and other east European sorts. Good food there too. I found my somewhat dry Anglo sense of humor can be a challenge for the natives but we managed.

Of their 12 months in a year, they have 10 months of winter and 2 months of poor sledding.

I may have to check into this Fargo thing.

Warning, Whiters, it is the darkest of dark 'humour'. It may be that Mrs. Whiters will not get the jokes!

London England is farther north than Minneapolis Minnesota and by quite a lot too. Oddly enough these imaginary frigid wastelands seem to grow a rather astounding amount of wheat. Same latitudes as Ontario's main fruit and wine producing areas where I live. Immediately north of Minnesota is a whole other country that also produces masses of agriculture products. So not the frigid wasteland of televisual imagination. We like to think of it as being occasionally brisk.

Joel and Ethan Coen are among our best film makers. I've watched 'The Hudsucker Proxy' a half dozen times and others like 'Raising Arizona', 'Fargo', 'Barton Fink' and 'O Brother, Where Art Thou?' at least twice. There are some like 'Hail, Caesar!' that miss the mark, but no one in Hollywood is consistently brilliant. You're right that a disc set is the way to watch the TV series.

I have about a dozen relatives in Minnesota but wouldn't want to live through even one of the winters. But of course that could change.

Man-up, Bob, because according to PeterG you could get a really good tan in Minnesota!

David, you probably could around June through August. As Peter writes, though, it's not that simple. Occasionally Toronto is several degrees F warmer than Indianapolis.

Bob, that might have something to do with the hot air that emanates from that region!

David, did you ever finish all of Breaking Bad?
I finally managed it but since then I've rewatched all of The Sopranos and consider that series superior in every way.

Of course you can David. They, like we in Ontario, have summer, also spring and fall which are quite temperate.. What did you imagine it was, Arctic tundra?

Andra, alas and alack, I never did and I am ashamed because I agitated like mad to be given the box set for Xmas. It began well but then somehow ... in some way ... it just failed to grip. Heh, that's theatre for you, Darling! Also, I never saw all of 'The Sopranos', just the odd excerpt here and there and I could see it was good. Anyway, do treat yourself to 'Fargo', black humour at its blackest and amongst all the dim-witted men, the only smart people in it are the lady police officers!

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