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Wednesday, 09 August 2017


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First, compliments for your title to the post. It suffers a bit after that, though. LA has a high percentage of Asian and Latino students, and pad thai and black beans are not foreign to them. Furthermore, the healthy lunch program has been a success for the most part and is only being tweaked by the Trump administration:

Also, the Ag secretary has been something of a naughty boy himself:

Lastly, Chicagoans take great pride in being considered the bete noire of rightists. It puts us among America's other great cosmopolitan elites.

Local school meals become a Federal government concern. The bus has completely run off the road. And we wonder why.

Spot on WW.


Well this post is kind of stupid. With the usual Manichean straw man horse shit you need to invent shit to somehow give merit to the post. Nowhere and at no time did anyone insist school fare had to be boring. On the contrary many advocates like you very own Naked Chef Jamie Oliver went to great lengths to make school meals that were both tasty and nutricious. So naturally some children raised on the tastiness of fat sugar and salt preferred fat sugar and salt. Your point would be what? That if you like the taste of something it must be great for your health? So what are Flammin Hot Cheetos? A life extending natural food? Guess what? They'd rather eat ice cream for lunch than meat and vegetables. Do you let your children eat whatever they want? And if the answer is yes do you use an excavator to cart them around? Who writes a post in defense of being a third rate parent?

Ah for the good old days when Reagan sought to make ketchup, mustard and relish official vegetables. Jesus! I am only surprised you aren't advocating feeding children rat poison.

Well David it would appear you're a shoo-in for the Nobel Prize for Literature as Pompous regards this post. Heck, maybe a Pulitzer to boot.

"Lastly, Chicagoans take great pride in being considered the bete noire of rightists. It puts us among America's other great cosmopolitan elites."

And why not Bob, with shit like this?

(Anybody know if Ill & Annoy ever managed to pass a budget?)

Well pompous, if somebody had fed you rat poison as a child this blog would be its usual enjoyable place for sad old fucks like me (non canucks) to exchange their ill informed and ignorant but amusing bollocks.

Priceless Cuffleyburgers. That's called "firing for effect".

When you look at the thousands of private sector office restaurants, private school canteens, and not an issue that won't be solved by diners taking their custom elsewhere.

Only the state and its state owned schools make a cock-and-bollocks of the primordially basic task of preparing food, so much so that the first lady and celeb chefs get involved.

Another argument for privatizing the lot and handing the money over to the parents to choose an education with or without effing lunch from the global liberalized market for education.


And while we're on the subject, you think the school dinners suck, you ain't seen nothing like what the labour party have got planned once Blighty leaves the single market ...

"The social theorist of the moment Wolfgang Streeck called the EU an “engine of the liberalisation of European capitalism, a tool of neoliberalism” — and for good reason. The EU is a form of neoliberal government writ large, crushing democratic rights of peoples beneath the higher law of the market."

Enough to make any self-respecting Brexiteer stick their fingers down their throats and bring up the case for a referendum on joining the EEA.



It would be best if you restricted your military expressions and acronyms to those encountered on computer games such as 'Call of Duty.' Otherwise, a certain young gentleman who has started posting on this blog won't be able to understand what you are saying.


Do you remember how Republicans tried to rename every airport, train station, highway, cul de sac and drainage ditch for Reagan?

Chef caught cooking books.

Oh, very witty, Wilde, er, I mean 'Doonie'!

Well yeah Bob I do, matter of fact.

For instance when the rare, emphasis on rare occasion requires I travel east (only twice since the election Thank God) and me being the frugal guy I by nature am I've, rather than hiring a car I've called some friend "suggesting" s/he'd enjoy the opportunity of extending to me, hospitality ...


I've once or twice directed, "Pick me up at Reagan at such and such" only to be queried further, "Which one?".

So I've fallen back on the more efficient "Pick me up at National."

G'day Richard. Not having ever played or in fact seen "Call of Duty" I am stuck with the expressions acquired over 34 years of service. However I do take you point.

An anecdote Aussie D (video games as Richard above alludes),

My eldest Grandson some years ago asked me "to participate" with him playing (as I understand an earlier version) ... My feeling at the time was that video games were intended solely to teach a lesson or somesuch.

Brevis esse laboro, obscurus fio - when I inquired of my Grandson he replied, "It teaches you Honor."


Now I will relate another episode wherein my Grandson wasn't so full of shit - he'd asked me to attend his third grade school play [8 - 9 years of age ... he, not me] and I'd made every effort to avoid doing so until he'd offered what I'd considered sufficient motivation.

"Grandpa, my teacher wears very short skirts - 'at some point she'll drop her pencil' - and when she bends over to pick it up, you'll be able to see what she had for breakfast."

I was illumined when my Grandson was a third-grader. As he was nearer adulthood, not so much.

I cannot recall the title of the play except that I considered it rewarding. I did not however, learn anything concerning Honor in either instance. "Call of Duty" type shit I expect could only result as a halfway house toward idle entertainment.

I beg y'alls forgiveness for my digression - ordinarily I'd blame it on Richard (perhaps you too AD) but wtf.

JK, darling, I am so sorry that your grandson's play failed to entice you into 'Luvviedom' - it is theatre's loss! Having seen one or two photos of you with your, er, flowing locks, I just know that Hollywood would have snapped you up years ago. And given your advanced years, surely, it is time for us all too see your 'Lear' - no, no, not 'leer', I mean 'King Lear'!

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