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Tuesday, 15 August 2017


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This should be fun!

I thought that would get under your ribs. And it surely did. There's a reason Shaw was fond of getting one into the English In just about every play he wrote. My favorite had to be in St Joan where the minor English character, an English priest, proves Joan of Arc could not have been hearing the voice of God because he did not speak to her in English. I am off in the wilds of Chicagoland just now, Lake County to be exact, and it appears the world is changing. Americans, it seems, would be wise to lean Spanish.

I remain unsure of the point of your post about German waiters. Did you think Post Brexit people in Europe would be required to get British permission to speak English? Or were you unaware that the reason waiters in Germany spoke English is that it was their native language and they were, as Englishman, just getting used to serving Germans?

See what I mean?!

PPG. Your ignorance of European matters suggest to me that we shall have to install you as the representative of the Planet Zog. Replacing SoD.

Was it hard to figure out that if waiters in Berlin only spoke English then they had to be English. In they weren't English they would at least be bilingual. Which by the way is very common in Europe as are people who are multilingual. And that's one of the few things that truly distinguishes the British from the Europeans. They aren't. Which ought to make their trade adventures with the rest of the world much more fun. Perhaps you could begin by insulting these hypothetical trading partners by telling them, or rather yelling at them, to learn English. See what I mean?

Pompuss, Shaw was an Irishman was he writing in English or Irish English?

Well silly people, I am French as was my elementary school education. And when you can write or converse in French as well as I do in English you may lecture me all you like on the relative virtues of languages. If you can't then don't. I think Whale completely missed the point of why an Irishman would mock the English in English. Would you have understood the point of his jokes if he had written them in Gaelic? No you wouldn't. Other languages puzzle you.

PPG is the font of unintended humour which keeps on giving and giving. Thus we have, from above, this gem:

"Was it hard to figure out that if waiters in Berlin only spoke English then they had to be English."

Well, no, mon ami (you see PPG is actually French - yeeees, quite!), the chances are that the waiters in Berlin could be Rumanian or Bulgarian or Polish or North African or Turkish and that, like zillions of people worldwide, English is their *second* language. Were they to ask the grumpy Herr Spahn how he would like his sauerkraut served in, say, Greek, I suspect he might declare war - well, they're rather prone to that sort of thing in Germany!

David, you should also admit that Peter's comments here are less predictable than yours over at Carpenter's.

Exciting news! The first of the British Brexit position papers is out. They are proposing a temporary customized customs union until such time as the EU spends a lot of money to accommodate British export trade by setting up the neccessary infrastructure. Hmm. Why are the Europeans going to do that again? I mean if they wanted to direct foreign investment to Europe rather than have it go to Britain then why would they spend this money? It's the British who want to have a border. And it's the British who need to have an open border so they can continue to eat and export to Europe.

Happy to do so, Bob, and there is a prime example immediately below your comment!

Brexit has quickly become a supremely confused clusterfck. Ms May's promise that "no deal is better than a bad deal" is now on par with Trump's to make "great negotiations." We've never been more like cousins.

Meanwhile, a certain cynical agitator is making out handsomely. Make sure not to miss this momentous event on the telly:

"Nigel Farage's Brexit campaign to be transformed into £60m Hollywood TV series

'It naturally descends into farce - but they win against all odds - he is then horrified that the British lunatics are sent to help a US reality TV star fight for the presidency,' says source"

And there's another - truly he is the clown who keeps on clowning!

All the world's a circus, and all the men and women merely clowns;
they have their giant shoes and rubber noses, and one man in his time squirts seltzer into many different pairs of pants.

Oh, very witty, Wilde - ooops - I mean Will!

You do know what the words you wrote, "only speak English" mean right David? I mean, you wrote them so I'm guessing that you know what they mean. To me, only means exclusively. Maybe there is some other meaning of only of which I am unaware. Perhaps you meant it as hyperbole that you meant to correct later. Perhaps you meant it to you indicate that Germans too resented the presence and other Europeans in their country. But that would imply agreement with a German would it not? Contextually this doesn't seem like you. I confess that I sometimes find your logic confusing. But mostly because it is absent.

German waiters speak English because their customers don't speak German; even the Afghanis speak English.

By way the Pompass, Mr Duff was quoting a German MP not following your example and making it up.

Anyway returning to the issue at hand, pompous's statue.

I would propose a giant isotope.

By the way most amusing his confession to being a frog. The chip on his shoulder almost obscures his giant interlect. Sic.

As I like to say to my italian colleagues whose language I certainly speak as well as pompous manages to mangle english - the french eh? A thousand years of hatred - there must be a reason! At which they laugh cos they hate them as well

So anyway pompous why did you bother learning english? Oh yes because you had to because it is, the lingua franca.

But surely it was canadian you learned?

Sometimes you are so far up your own arse it's amazing you can reach the keyboard.

I had not been to Carpenters blog in two years. Much has changed there.

"Any ideas of what form this statue should take will be welcomed."

Why settle for a statue? I would suggest Pompous himself, lovingly pickled in formaldehyde solution, bunged into a large glass tank and displayed for posterity in the Tate Modern.

Ya lo hablo, PPG. Por eso, estoy bien listo. Preguntas?

Did someone tell you that was French Michael? Oh Cuffley you must know something about your own history. Remember your rulers used to be Norman French. Right up until they became Germans. Surely you are used to it by now. Taunting silly English kkkniggets is easy as pie. I will bet that not one of you can correctly translate the French on your passport and the Queen's coat of arms. The reason I know that is true is that Wiki has it wrong.

Don't take things so literally. Only pompous politicians take things literally (which lets Mr. Trump out).
The waiters in Berlin all speak English as a second language. Their first may be Pushtu, Urdu, Bulgarian, Greek, Czech or even French.
The German's complaint is that Germans don't want to be waiters. Unlike the Afghans, Pakistanis, Bulgars, Greeks, Czechs or indeed French.

Further thought:
The statue should be a French waiter.

Ahoy there Pompous G[eewhiz]?

"The reason I know that is true is that Wiki has it wrong."

You'll be remembering too Pompous your "pompously edifying/bullshit/*just plain wrong*" remark of 27 July 2017?

"[I]f you knew anything about aeronautics you'd probably ask why the elliptical wing was not used on any other aircraft."

And then Davod's of 03 August 2017 - placing your contention precisely, as well as many others - where it (and many of the others) properly belong?

I do suspect Pompous though, that while you're at your "deep and abiding love" *she* is likely no more impressed than we are here.

But as David says, "his keen intellect reduces us all to helpless giggles."

Or pompous bloggers don't you think? Last time I checked the British were ecstatic over the prospect of some vehicle assembly jobs. The Germans give those to Turks.

I just had a look at the famous carpenters blog.

My my what a leftist echo chamber that is.

Our friend pompous is there in his pomp pronouncing.

Clearly in his element.

I haven't smelt anything like it since granny fell into the slurry pit.

Cuffers, if you introduce an extra thought 'over there', you will be met with deranged profanity laced tirades. Even from the women. I never knew lemmings had a color, but it is yellow.

Heh heh Whitewall,

I seem to recall somere's Pompous declaring he was French - I guess I could get into the archives but ...

Anyways Whitewall, have you ever heard of the phrase, "Better Hitler than Blum"?

(I'm simply Whitewall, attempting to shed light for you on why the French have all those white-flag-factories.)

Thanks for that, JK, some more books I must get round to reading - the list is now so long it has to be written on a toilet roll!

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