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Thursday, 17 August 2017


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"What can one say, except 'pass the sickbag!'"
Another thing one can say is, "Fck the Leftist scumbags", though in saying it, I ask that you pardon my "French".

That's pretty nasty. But it is ever so nice to see you cite a left leaning periodical like The Atlantic. Still one must put these things into perspective. It's not like they used the holocaust to justify the slaughter of other people. Or even raised charitable funds that they used to commission larger than life paintings of themselves like Trump did.

Speaking of charitable works, does anyone know why none of the money donated to help the people torched in that British tower block is getting distributed? Where is it going? You know what they say, despicability begins at home! Big shout out to my favorite fake physicist, TheBigHenry! How is it going you completely physics ignorant galoot! Figured out how sheep's bladders may be used to predict earthquakes yet? Or why all the other physicists in the world are wrong except you?

Je vous excuse, mon ami!

Not even a nice try at misdirection. Is the ADL equally suspect?:

"We have a history in this country of presidents standing up to bigotry and hate. Today, for the second time in four days, President Trump did the opposite.

President Trump went beyond the pale today in equating racist white supremacists in Charlottesville with counter protesters who were there to stand up against hate. Let us not forget. The entire Unite the Right rally was built on racial and conspiratorial anti-Semitism. Marchers threw Nazi salutes as they waved swastika flags, proudly wore swastika pins and shirts, and shouted ‘sieg heil!’ A sign carried by rally-goers warned that the ‘Jewish media is going down;’ another declared that ‘Jews are Satan’s children.’ A white supremacist told a reporter that ‘the f****** Jew-lovers are gassing us,’ and another one called a Jewish counter-protestor a kike. ‘Blood and soil,’ which the white supremacists chanted several times, is the translation of the Nazi slogan, ‘Blut und Boden.’ And at least once, white supremacists changed their refrain, ‘You will not replace us’ to ‘Jews will not replace us.’"

In its lust for control of all cultural institutions, the "progressive" Left will take over, occupy, dilute and degrade anything and everything. The memory of Anne Frank is no exception. You can bet the vile anti Israel group BDS is lurking close by in this new set up.

While Ms May isn't particularly talented, she had enough sense to condemn the Unite the Right demonstration. And these Republicans would be surprised to know they're "progressive" Left scumbags:

But some of the most senior GOP members of the Senate made it clear they blamed white nationalists for the violence and terror which was inflicted on Charlottesville as they urged Mr Trump to be forthright in his condemnation.

Very important for the nation to hear @potus describe events in #Charlottesville for what they are, a terror attack by #whitesupremacists
— Marco Rubio (@marcorubio) August 12, 2017

Marco Rubio, the Florida senator who fought a bruising campaign against Mr Trump for the Republican nomination, said it was important to hear the president to describe events in Charlottesville as a terror attack by supremacists.

Mr. President - we must call evil by its name. These were white supremacists and this was domestic terrorism.
— Cory Gardner (@SenCoryGardner) August 12, 2017

Cory Gardner, the Republican senator from Colorado, was equally unequivocal, urging Mr Trump to call evil by its name, describing events in Charlottesville as domestic terrorism.

We should call evil by its name. My brother didn't give his life fighting Hitler for Nazi ideas to go unchallenged here at home. -OGH
— Senator Hatch Office (@senorrinhatch) August 12, 2017

Orrin Hatch, the Republican senator from Utah, said his brother did not die fighting Hitler for Nazi ideas to go unchallenged in the United States.

What " WhiteNatjonalist" are doing in Charlottesville is homegrown terrorism that can't be tolerated anymore that what Any extremist does
— ChuckGrassley (@ChuckGrassley) August 12, 2017

Iowa's senator, Chuck Grassley, said what white nationalists were doing in Charlottesville was terrorism which should not be tolerated.

What a spirit-crushing, heart-breaking bit of news.

Everyone in the world remembers exactly where they were when they read the diary. They were affected, changed by a one-to-one experience with an historical figure of huge gravitas.

What despicable cunts for trying to interpose and expropriate that unique one-to-one experience.

Yes, I'm with the Gaffer and BigHen on this one.

It's the Anglo-Saxon gold medal on the podium moment.



Lawrence, you are a very naughty boy and you will go to bed early without any supper for using foul language! Get a grip!

Bob, are you seriously suggesting that Alt Right wing demos should be forbidden or open to attack by Alt Left wing demos? And are you willing to go along with the opposite of that policy? If you are, then you can kiss goodbye to that American democracy stuff you Americans never cease to brag about to the quiet amusement of the rest of us.


I am not unfamiliar with Nazi propaganda. But my lifelong enmity toward Jew hatred does not diminish in the least my abhorrence of Leftist ideology. Most people, myself included, can be (and are) revolted by more than one group of Untermenschen. If you scratch a Leftist Gallic hoser, you will discover a German asshole, most likely a Nazi sympathizer.

David, I'm suggesting that once the Illuminati, Freemasons, Jesuits, Communists, Bilderberg Group, BLM, Kenyans, Marxists, collectivists, homosexuals, environmentalists, gun grabbers, and death panels have had their way there will be a New World Order. Americans will live in FEMA camps in the North American Union as vassals of the United Nations under Shariah Law. Concurrently, Jane Austen's 'Pride and Prejudice' will be used as a front to undermine England and put it back under the jackboot of the EU. It all makes sense. Think about it.

TheBigHenry, that's right out of William S. Burroughs. Were you a physicist or a pharmacist?

How is it going you completely physics ignorant galoot! Figured out how sheep's bladders may be used to predict earthquakes yet?

Pompous Git you really are an objectionable piece of bilge water.

Disagree with someone if you want but try and get beyond your pimply faced ad hominums.

Apologies Duffers but this useless numbnut needs a f-----g good reaming out.


"... physicist or a pharmacist?"
A little of both, I guess. I'm a retired alchemist.

I don't care if people hate my guts; I assume most of them do. The important question is whether they are in a position to do anything about it.

Shalom, AD.

I appreciate your friendly support, but words have no effect on a jerk-off like PG. Apparently, his milieux at the so-called Carpenter's blog he keeps referencing is just a cesspool of Leftist scumbags like himself. The audio feedback there must scare the bejeezus out of the dogs who are posing as materials science trainees.

Shalom TBH

You are welcome. I can't abide f--kwits no matter what side of the political spectrum they are from. I particularly dislike those who hide behind the keyboard and dish out the sort of bilge water Pompous does.

"If you scratch a Leftist Gallic hoser, you will discover a German asshole, most likely a Nazi sympathizer."

Corroborated by observing the UK's Labour party. The harder left it goes, the more the Nazi tendencies emerge, anti-semitism being one of them: -

Whoever said hard left and right join up on the pol spectrum to make a circle got it right.

Of course Nolan modelled it more accurately with his chart ...

As left and right sink to the authoritarian bottom in that chart, they are squeezed together and end up shaking hands.

The final solution?

We'll it's good ol' "Bait and Bleed" of course!

Build a fake town set, like Blazing Saddles, and provoke hard left and heard right activists into a demonstration / counter demonstration at said town. And really crank their handles in the social media run-up with fake trolls provoking each side.

Let it happen - and simply don't send any law enforcement. Maybe drop in a few AK's to get the party going. Step back and say "Oooh, Aaah!" and "That's going to hurt in the morning!" etc. as nature takes its course.

Just like the ME really!

Job done. Game over.


Off topic, or maybe not ...

Now why aren't the free-trading, Liberty loving Brexiteers trumpeting this report, which says Blighty should go zero tariff under WTO rules and regs and become the super-Singapore, super-Dubai of the world?

Because, of course, the Brexiteers aren't the slightest bit interested in free-trading and Liberty. When it comes to such matters, their one liner suffices to explain all "Take back control" - they just want to be the bossy boots and become a super-EU!

As with politics in politics, economics in politics sees hard left and right join up in a circle, or sink to the authoritarian bottom of Nolan.

The economic equivalent of taking back control of exterminating the Jews - the boot merely transfers from right to left foot and vice versa.

So perhaps on topic after all.


SoD, you are in danger of winning 'The Bore of the Year' award here at D&N! It's absolutely no use you keep quoting this, that or the other (so-called) experts because no-one, and I do mean absolutely no-one, knows how Brexit will work out in the end. So just sit back and relax or better still get the next round in!

"absolutely no-one, knows how Brexit will work out in the end."

Contradiction of the year award goes to the Gaffer.

"We took back control in order to not know how it will work out in the end".

Shoorely shome mishtake?


I really pity y'all, Gaffer, Bob, Big Hen et al.

The left you despise resembles the right you admire. In Big Hen's case, it's excruciating to witness.

The right you despise resembles the left you admire. Poor old Bob's Brit hero Corbyn is a full-on up-chimney Jew hating racist.

When you gonna realize the axis you lie on, you linear minded numpties, has another one perpendicular to it?



"The harder left it goes, the more the Nazi tendencies emerge, anti semitism being one of them". Far Left, far Right, same birth mother as each does over time cover the other's grievance.

Justifiable violence in the "antifa" mind. A fascist's reason to exist. Result-fatalities.

It's quite shocking, Whiters.

Bob's darling Corbyn, supporter of Hamas and Hezbollah, declared advocators of up-chimneying Israel and all Jews, has also recently declared in favour of not acknowledging conservative Islam has a problem with its men abusing vulnerable white girls.

What a world, eh, when authority trumps libertarianism on the perpendicular axis. To the point where you might say, "Who cares about left and right anymore? They both suck."


SoD, you are hitting them all today. Here's how Mutti Merkel will deal with conservative Islam abusing girls...

Talk about authority to wage war on the wrong people because she is afraid to do the same on the necessary people!

Hello sod your father is unfortunately right about the bore of the year re the eu, whoch is a shame because on every other subject you are so sound, and for example your posting re Anne Frank was very moving despite or perhaps because of the language - the word that doubtless caused offence is the best word in the language.

That beautiful photo of a sweet little girl and to imagine the depths of depravity of the shit eaters that took her away to be destroyed as thet had destroyed millions before her.

I'm going to confess to only recently becoming a member of the diary society.

And even worse, I didn't read it myself I had it read to me by Helena Bonham-Carter. A audio book.

Being read that book by a woman through the night I rate as a podium place life experience.

I listened to it all night, threw a sickie, all day and the next night.

Don't mind admitting I sobbed my eyes out at times.

Fluffbun thought I was losing it, but she often has cause to think that, so not a problem.

When I'm next in Holland I will visit the museum and area. But not if it's gone the way of the other.


Well, SoD, there's no reason to be insulting. The best I've said about Corbyn is that he's an anachronism. Pointing out that he might beat the hapless conservatives is not a statement of support. Listen to your father.


"The left you despise resembles the right you admire. In Big Hen's case, it's excruciating to witness."
What on earth gave you the idea that I admire the right? Are you insane?

What is truly "excruciating to witness" is your penchant to frame a dichotomy where one doesn't exist and run it to its bizarre conclusion -- in your addled mind.

I'll say it very slowly: My. abhorrence. of. the. Left. does. NOT. imply. my. admiration. for. the. right!

Now get back on your meds. That's an order. Yes, I am a doctor.

You know what's missing from the memorial in New York City to 9/11? There are no statues of the terrorists. How can this be? They are part of American history and surely deserve the same treatment as any treasonous slavery supporting rebel general.

Hi Big Henry! I see you are a doctor now instead of a nuclear physicist.
And by the way Loz, wasn't the holocaust the Israeli excuse for killing Palestinian children? And denying them access to basic human needs like water? And isn't politicizing the Holocaust what ol' Duff fuhrer was objecting to in the first place?

You know what is actually the best part of Trump's disquisitions on violence? He actually encouraged violence towards protesters at his rallies and it is all on tape. This is trailed in irony only by the Second Amendment nut faction insisting that the Jews would never have wound up in Nazi ovens if they'd only had guns! But I have a question, were Jew guns supposed to act like garlic on vampires and drive them away, or were they supposed to use them? Any right wing nuts about ready to tackle these conundrums?

Oh dear, I am beginning to fear for poor old PeterG. It will not be long before he's found wandering the streets in his jimjams muttering imprecations under his breath. Sad, really . . .

"You know what's missing from the memorial in New York City to 9/11? There are no statues of the terrorists. How can this be? They are part of American history and surely deserve the same treatment as any treasonous slavery supporting rebel general."

You gormless twat. Never been to the 911 memorial museum? After seeing their actions outcomes, as you exit past the penultimate exhibit, the last thing you see is their mugshots. No comment nothing else nearby, Nada. You are just left to contemplate them. Your own personal, private moment with them.

No-one should ever obstruct or deny that opportunity. Likewise Anne Frank's diary and statues of ACW southern generals.


For the benefit of the non-Americans here I'll mention that the statues to Confederates were built during the post-reconstruction era after about 1880 and in the period between the world wars. They weren't monuments to heroes so much as middle fingers to the federal government and support for Jim Crow laws. I wouldn't advocate on them one way or another, but suspect they'll eventually all be removed from public lands.

Well Loz, were those 911 hijackers cast in bronze, set in noble poses, with complimentary plaques on their bases testifying to their nobility? I've been to that particular monument and I must have missed those particular exhibits if they exist. So who was intended to contemplate those noble confederate bronze statues? Would they by any chance have been intended to be any uppity Negroes who might pass? I think Bob is wrong by the way. Those statues were intended to present them as heroes in about the vilest cause humans ever fought plus the other things he said.

I think I am able, despite being a gormless twat, to detect the difference in presentation. But if you are satisfied with your equivalency then let us replace all those statues with mugshots. Or maybe you could install a noble larger than life statue of Guy Fawkes in front of your parliament buildings. I understand he had some legitimate claims about the abuse of Catholics.

Peter, I certainly didn't mean the statues weren't erected to intimidate blacks and others, and should also make another correction:

"Most Confederate monuments were not built until nearly a generation after the war ended in 1865, mostly due to a lack of funds during the Reconstruction era.

It was not until the turn of the century, as southern states began to enact so-called Jim Crow laws designed to deprive recently freed slaves of equal rights, that the monuments began to go up in public spaces.

The second wave came in the 1950-1960s, as civil rights campaigners demanded desegregation and equal rights for African-Americans."

The BBC isn't popular around here, but when they're right they're right:

The Beeb just fired some ammo in that article I had up my sleeve as this argument developed: Since Washington and Jefferson both owned slaves, why aren't their statues coming down too?

And why not old Longshanks, Edward I, "Hammer of the Scots", for all the Sweaties he skewered (before placing his sword gently on my ancestor's shoulders, as y'all know), perched there in parliament square.

In fact there's not a pol in history who isn't soaked in the blood of some categorization of people he or she slaughtered. Go down this road and you'll end up taking the effing lot down to be consistent.

But the Beeb did fire a bit of fresh ammo in that article: Even 44% of blacks think the statues should stay where they are as an historical monument to all, and 62% of all Americans.

We'll that's QED as far as I'm concerned. If you can't get a majority of the population to condone pulling them down, and nearly half of the supposedly offended minority don't have an issue with it, wtf are we even bothering to talk about it except to chastise the bossy boots who go ahead and do it anyway?

Even Brexit is more worthy of discussion than this, the split was 52 / 48.


"The Beeb just fired some ammo in that article I had up my sleeve as this argument developed: Since Washington and Jefferson both owned slaves, why aren't their statues coming down too?"

Now you are getting close to the nerve center of the entire movement. Once started, there can be no stopping. "Social Justice" will demand no less. The SJW movement is a collection of useful idiots for bigger players and a larger movement.

SoD, you completely miss the point. The statues are an example of pre-internet trolling that have little to do with legitimate history or "heritage". Most people, including Americans, don't know. That explains why most don't care about them. However, the monuments have become a problem by being used as a rallying point for "ethno nationalists", A.K.A. "white supremacist hate groups". The mayor of Charlottesville has announced the statue there will be removed, and a large number in other places have already been removed or are scheduled to be. Equating Washington and Jefferson, who were founders of the country, with people who committed treason against it is nonsense on its face.

That is perfect Bob. It is no accident that the placement of these statues of iconic scumbags were town squares and courthouses. They were intended to send a message to any who might get the idea that southern courthouses were color blind.

"Equating Washington and Jefferson, who were founders of the country, with people who committed treason against it is nonsense on its face."

Watch and see. Give it time. Both men owned slaves. The distinction of being 'FFs' will be lost. Mark my words.

Question: What's the difference between French poodles and German shepherds?

Answer: The Germans have one ball and no soul. The French have two assholes and no balls.

Question: What's the difference between French commandos and German POWs?

Answer: The Germans say, "I was only following orders." The French say, "I surrender."

Question: What's the difference between a Frenchman's mama and a German bathing beauty?

Answer: The German's bathing suit doubles as a pup tent. The Frenchman's mama wears combat boots.

Question: What's the difference between a French hoser and a German asshole?

Answer: German asshole is redundant. A French hoser has two.

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