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Monday, 04 September 2017


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"with added grapes which, for reasons I have never quite understood, I always slice in half."

At least you don't peel them.

Reading the Mail article, it says that Weetabix was invented in Australia. Who knew?

All I remember about Weetabix is that the remnants seem to set hard if you don't rinse the bowl out fairly quickly. Rather like Polyfilla.

I used to deal with Whitworths mills, also owned by the George family, and knew some of them through our trade association - always very decent people to do business with.

Weetabix was invented in Australia. Who knew?

We do down here. No a in the local product. Just called weetbix.

As youngsters my generation was fed dry weetbix with Vegemite spread on it as a treat. Good stuff.

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