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Thursday, 09 November 2017


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If anyone truly wants to see the reality of Le Corbusier's vision, all they have to do is visit any town in Russia. The Russians fully recognise this; so much so that there is even a statue of him in the Pushkin Gallery in Moscow.

I actually like Notre Dame du Haut (or pictures of it, anyway) but I can't look at Corbusier's drawings of futuristic cities without thinking of famous totalitarian regimes of the 20th Century.

What I find deliciously ironic about modernist architecture is the fact that it all looked shiny and clean and efficient, but none of it actually worked all that well. The designs proceeded without any reference to the craftsmanship required to make things watertight and safe and practical for families and employees. And even the aesthetics are fragile, in that it looks great as a blueprint or as an empty sterile space with clean lines. But as soon as it gets a bit battered and grubby, or has a few toys scattered around, it looks worse than shit.

We're in agreement here, David. The modernist "starchitects" were and are boors. What most of their designs have in common is self-indulgence and a complete lack of charm or warmth.

I can't think why, but that building reminds me of Fat Boy Kim.

Well done, 'Doonie', what a leap of the imagination.

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