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Wednesday, 29 November 2017


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Yes, but he was our political, lying liar! There are Americans and other Colonials who might be reading this blog. Report to my office, DD.

Yessar, 08.00 hrs on the dot!

But it wasn't his lying that shocks, it was his incompetence - Gallipoli all over again!

Whyaxye, thank you! Some of us are down right impressionable you know!

Whitewall, he didn't mean it. Drink, I think. If I let him get away with that, he will probably lose all sense of decorum regarding national heroes, and perhaps even start on the Clintons or Kennedys.

We colonials are indeed agog at the contemplation of Churchill, who brought hope to the United States during darkest days of war. We all know of the lighthearted encounter with FDR:

"Ignoring a clerk’s warning that Churchill was in the bath, Roosevelt asked him to open the door. He did, revealing Churchill standing naked on the bath mat. “Don’t mind me,” Roosevelt quipped."

Less well known is that Churchill instantly replied with the reserve for which the British are renown, "Why would I mind, poof?"

Gawd, this site is getting a bit gloomy and introspectively retrospective. Or vice-versa. You know what I mean; the pedantic order of words isn’t the thing, it’s the feeling you get is the important thing. Just because it looks like everything cherishable looks like it may be going to hell in a handbasket straight down the thunderbox of history; is that really a reason to be so downcast? Now I see to my dismay that even the blessed Winnie is the target of posthumous vituperation.

I mean, can’t we just for once focus on the good stuff…like, just say and for recent random instance, son goes to Czechoslovakia or whatever it’s called this week and in between getting bladdered somehow gets his leg over innumerable Czech beauties. Who can likely cook and sew and kiss things better as well as they do all that other messy stuff? Plus, we get a bit of a break. By the seaside. In England. In November...

Or, could we just not for once generously celebrate the upcoming nuptials of young Hewittson and his fetching, tantalisingly ever so slightly dusky, maiden? Like, that is, maiden America? Seen the norks on that? Just imagine and try to share his happiness: Can’t believe it, me a prematurely balding ginger, and she fancies me above all others! And she’s certainly had her pick! How did I win that lottery? Roll on the wedding night when her people have finished all the paperwork, we’ve signed it, and then…Bingo!

This is not a time to be mean spirited. Oh, and just by the way I might add, all this joy is brought to you despite Brexit!

All the best

Actual PS: As if it mattered, and I or anyone with half a tiny brain should care or feign the slightest interest, I would genuinely wish them all the luck in the world. Of course, and unfortunately, no doubt the poor little sods will need all of it. It's really not our business.

Bob, legend has it that what Churchill actually said, as he stood up in his bath, was, "The Prime Minister of Great Britain has nothing to hide from the President of the United States!"

As for Churchill, yes, he had some tremendous virtues but they came wrapped up in some colossal faults, of which mendacity and stupidity loomed large! If you doubt me, read "Churchill and the Dardenelles" by Richard Bell, and then, after a stiff drink, read "Six Minutes in May" by Nicholas Shakespeare.

Perhaps this piece, and others, are intended to stop us getting too cheerful. After all, Mr Trump is crushing all before him with the aid of the democrats. And now the Frenchman front man for the EU is cheerfully insulting us. And we have more to look forward to. Imagine the fun we'll have with the Royal wedding guest list - given the varied nature of Harry's new in-laws!

Here we go again.

We have discussed, criticized, analyzed and otherwise commented on the Norway campaign and no doubt various "academics" will continue to pull it apart but from this not so humble sailor's point of view it probably seemed a good idea at the time.

From a naval point of view it was a success and on land the northern [and most importantly strategic] part of Norway could have, in the absence of the debacle in France,been held as overland supply to German troops in the north was next to impossible and the RN literally ruled the waves preventing any supply by sea to said German troops.

But who am I to gainsay some learned swot as my only experience is actually at sea.

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