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Monday, 20 November 2017


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Given the pipe-bomb in NI on Remembrance Sunday, a warm-up and warning from the provos on what hard Brexit means for NI and Blighty, perhaps he's reverting to his old role in a part time capacity to keep busy in retirement?


Why cancer particularly?

The only 'retirement' Adams deserves is a very long, very slow and excruciatingly painful death by cancer

You're getting soft in your old age Duffers. Far to kind.

Tty "Far too kind".

By George and all the Saints, if there was ever a time for Blighty to end the "German racket" that has been the EU once and for all and assume the mantle herself, as Boney put it, ...

"I didn't steal the crown. I found it lying in the gutter and picked it up with my sword. But it was the people who put it on my head."

... this is it ...

A right leaning alliance with the Czechs, Slovaks, Poles, Hungarians and Northern states, capped off with a French poodle obediently trotting along behind.

The greatest leverages of all: the financial heart of Europe in London, and the most effective armed forces and security establishment in Europe.

And why can't we?

Oh yes, I forgot.


My dear old Sod.

what ARE you wittering on about?

Pat, I am happy to replace cancer with any other fatal illness provided that it is exceedingly painful and takes years to culminate.


You're aware ol' JK is an MD's son?

I'd humbly suggest myasthenia gravis with a side-order of methicillin-resistant Erysipelas (sometimes known as ergotism or, St. Anthony's Fire).

Thank you, JK, 'St. Anthony's Fire' has a suitably Catholic ring to it which should suit Mr. Adams very nicely!

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