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Sunday, 26 November 2017


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Duffers your seaside towns may not have the climate of those Down Under but from my observations, even when the weather was "inclement" [cough splutter], they have a charm about them that is impossible to replicate.

Sidmouth is not one I have been to given its distance from Portsmouth. Mind you in our terms it is next door but distances are different on your Septic Isle.

I "google earthed it". Only 50 miles from your home. Right next door for us.

Very pretty but not exactly a deep water port. The river Sid looks more like a small creek.

Alas, AussieD, some of our seaside towns are ghastly, or rather the 'peeps' who inhabit them are ghastly - hence my tattoo count! Happily, Sidmouth is well off the beaten track.

This summer I spent a weekend with my son and his family, who live near Blackpool. We spent a few hours wandering round. I found the people OK, especially the bloke who told me about the sniper at the top of the tower!

Salcombe Hill looks to be heavy in mineral content...maybe iron ore? Seems to leech onto the beach. Normally I would suspect good salmon fishing off shore. Have a nice lunch and remember, shivering is good exercise too!

If you spent some time in the midwestern US, you'd appreciate British seaside towns more.

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