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Tuesday, 09 January 2018


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All these cock-ups and farces are rather similar to what it's like dragging a redundant old banger out of garage storage it's been in for 45 years. Splutter, bang, crash, grind.

And there's worse to come. If it ever gets going, you'll remember why you put the old banger in the garage in the first place - it was a clapped out old British Leyland Daf circa '75 and it still is now!

But, yes I know, at least it's your old Daf.

Welcome home.

Now you've got a good reason to hook the Popper, Hayek, Friedman, Mill, and Smith books out of book storage too - went it there about the same time too, I recall!


The answer to your question is, "One at a time". If she had 3 feet it would be getting really crowded in there by now. It's clear that her special skill is doing the same thing again and again, expecting a better outcome next time.

If MPs demoted and returned to the backbenches become resentful and plotters, that says more about them and their fitness to hold public office than it does about the Prime Minister, any Prime Minister.

Er... David,

'Jeremy Hunt' as in 'A right Jeremy' is now an established part of cockney rhyming slang. For our friends the other side of the pond, Jeremy Hunt = c*nt. For example:

"Wud ya Adam and Eve it. That 'ealth secretary geezer is a right Jeremy ain't 'ee!"

By George and all the Saints ...

Nigel Farage suggests he's changing his mind and might be in favour of a second referendum.

I can tell you right here and now I would vote Ukip if he was in charge with that policy.

And if Remain lost, I would stfu for the next 25 years.

With all the new information available, "seeing the EU's hand" in this game of poker included, the Brit folks have never been so well informed, a mile better informed than 23rd June 2016. And by the end of the trade talks, there won't be a stone unturned.

You could actually give the Brits a choice of Brexit options - see Barnier's famous slide ...

... With carry over second, third, etc favourite options to get the precise decision. Such is the level of knowledge now and by the end of the trade talks.

If Farage follows through on this he'll deserve more than an OBE.


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