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Thursday, 01 February 2018


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(whisper) the white king...

I would go for Charles I, there's a bit of a surfeit of Churchill at the moment and it might confuse your memories of the Normandy Campaign (not that you're easily confused of course, I shouldn't project my problems). (I assume you've read Veronica Wedgwood's books?)

Don't come here with your first world problems.

Alas and alack, Mike, no, I have never read any of the lady's books although they have a great reputation.

Now look here, Timbo, I gain the distinct impression that you are not taking my problem seriously! You have no idea of the deeply troubling angst I suffer as I tremble over the choice of which book to read next. Actually, the problem was solved during the night when, unable to sleep, I went downstairs to my armchair next to which a pile of 'waiting to be read' books were situated. There I came across a 'Yerdy-Derble' Scandie murder mystery which, of course, I started to read. And yes, you're right, my brow is somewhat lower than my big toe!

Well, I see the whisper campaign didn't work!

No, no, Whiters, 'twill be next on my list, I promise, but these bloody Scandie thrillers always tempt me, er, that's their books, you understand, not their ladies! I have already primed and loaded it in my Kindle and I am learning the words of the old song, which originally referred to Anne Bolyn:

"With 'is 'ead tucked underneath 'is arm,
'E walks the Bloody Tower ..."

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