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Sunday, 11 March 2018


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David, that is better than down to the "Seventh Circle"!

If you can't read, take a peak at a couple of maps to put yourself in the picture ...



A picture being worth 1000 words, you have a very good idea:


The sentiment of those maps is right, but the detail is dodgy.

Anyone doing a cyber attack will go through the dark web and not be traceable or use hijacked devices which will finger the wrong state as the origin.

For example, the attacker list is streaming away showing Microsoft attacks! I don't think Redmond would be so dumb as to directly attack anyone, with or without the dark web or a hijacked machine to cover their tracks.

I wonder why MS aren't concerned about that map. It's rather slanderous, really.



It's not difficult to identify entrances and exits for the dark web, nor to identify and trace beyond other net sharing devices. You're probably right about hijacked computers, and it's difficult to interpret the maps though they're interesting all the same. Maybe some of the activity between MS and others is to develop and neutralize attack methods.

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