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Thursday, 19 April 2018


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I haven't been to the theatre for several years now. The main deterrent is the eye-watering cost. Paying to see a complete turkey is enraging, but even with a good play I find myself counting the minutes and wondering if I'm getting value for money!

We saw a play a few weeks ago in Madrid. Basically a light fluffy thing which we went to more for the actor than anything. Bubble gum for the brain but quite a nice flavor.

My eldest grand daughter has just finished her degree in Music Theatre and embarked upon a stage career. I have probably seen more live theatre in the last three years than in the preceding 73 - albeit most of it student productions including Sweeny Todd.

A tough profession to enter but she has talent [according to her teachers and her now agent] so I guess I will be seeing more live theatre in the future.

However apart from opera of which I am fond and watch on TV I know sweet bugger-all about live theatre so it will be a learning curve.

David, you're not too far from Hyde Park. Possibly you could fill the void by treating the Speaker's Corner to your favorite Shakespeare soliloquies.

AussieD, I hope she breaks a leg - no, no, not literally, it's an old theatrical saying meaning I hope she is a roaring success.

Bob, not bloody likely, they're a rude lot down there and I should know because I used to indulge in a bit of heckling!

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